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Monday, May 4, 2015

Closings and such

News you can use:

Although I'm typically only closed Sundays, the next two weekends will see Mighty Mobile NOT answering the phones or spinning the wrenches on Saturdays as well.

First off, May 9th is the Battle Born Enduro in Reno where I'll be zip tying a plate containing numbers and timing chip to my bike for race #1 of 2 of my race "season". I did this race last year and the event is awesome. The promoters are on top of their game and the entire day ran without a hitch.... until I drank too much water which depleted my body of all nutrients and I spent the entire evening puking my guts out. Guess I'll stick to beer this time.

Next, Saturday May 16th is the Hangtown Motocross Classic. This is the first of 12 rounds of the AMA pro motocross series. If you're a moto fan, this is your best/easiest chance to see some of the best riders in the world battling it out. Going to this race is great. It's one part sports spectacular and another part classic people watching. Nothing brings out a "mixed bag" of spectators like a motocross.

Otherwise, average scheduling times for service are running between 3 and 5 days out.

No.... Hole in The Ground is NOT open yet.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

obsolescence and other stuff you should know about

April 16th. Mark your calenders. It's Sea Otter Classic time again.
To some, Sea Otter means bike racing. To others, it's the time to see just what's new in the cycling industry as many companies use Sea Otter to unveil new product. So.... that shiny new 2015 cutting edge 27.5 enduro rig you just ponied up two pocket fulls of hard earned cash for last October..... yup.... after April 16th you'll learn that it's 17% less stiff, 13.5% less efficient, 10% heavier and the spring rate curve won't be near as effective as what's going to be available in 2016. That's what they'll tell you anyway.
I wonder at what point bikes will surpass the computer industry in regards to how fast something becomes "outdated" or "old" making it's value instantaneously drop like a bag of wet rocks? Re-dic-u-lous.

In other news that actually effects us, it's time to remind ya'll once again about broken rear derailleur cables. Without trying to sound too much like your mom harping on you to "clean your room", I will say that I've seen three cables broken this week and the five seconds it takes to have a quick look at your cable will save you from a potential "bummer situation" on your next ride. Instead of re-spewing pics and info again, you can just have a look at this post I did a while back to get an idea of what to look for.

Also of note: Mighty Mobile will be closed this Saturday and Sunday. We're always closed Sundays.

Monday, March 30, 2015

A Day In The Life

"What's a typical day of work like for you"? I often get the question. So.... here goes.

It's early season, so there's plenty on the schedule. Before any actual work on bikes takes place, there's the ritual of prepping "Steve" (the van). Prepping Steve entails emptying the trash, restocking supplies, plugging in the compressor and loading the dashboard storage area w/ cookies.

Work has me in Tahoe City. On the drive out, I catch up on some news while driving along the Truckee River and ponder things such as; at what temperature does something become "damn hot" and what is the hokey poky all about? A glance in the mirror reveals the driver of the Lexus is tailgating me (my pet peeve) while simultaneously digging deep into the left nasal cavity with her finger buried to the 3rd knuckle. Awesome.

9:30am. Arrival at first job. The 5 bike tunes turn out to be a little closer to 8. Hmm. The estimating begins. Pretty normal stuff. Air in the tires. Lots of lube. A couple of cables and housings. Some misc parts swapping between bikes. I save the most complex jobs for last. One of which involves overhauling a coasterbrake hub on an ancient tandem that pushes the weight limits of my workstand. It's now 1:30 in the afternoon and my stomach has been demanding a burrito for the past two hours. I pack up and head to town for lunch.

2:30pm. Next. I'm two hours late for this appointment. Two bikes on the schedule turns out to be just one. The wife's out riding the other bike....good for me. Fork and shock service. Front shift cable. Loctite some pivot bolts. Straighten brake rotors. Measure chain (bad). Top off tire sealant. Sag suspension for customer. Re-schedule the other bike. Pack up,. high five and I'm out.

4:30pm. Next. RockShox Reverb install. Sag suspension. Couple of minor adjustments to brakes to eliminate rubbing. Clean up the drivetrain. Lube chain. Customer adds kids bike that involves replacing shift cables and housing front and rear. It's 6:00. I've managed to get myself almost back on track for scheduling.

6:15pm. Next. I stop by a customers house that I'm shipping a bike for. The job's all done. Just need paid. I could've just had him mail a check, but the guy's super cool and I want to stop for a quick visit before he heads off to Hawaii for the summer. I'd say he's a lucky bastard... which he probably is. But we do have it pretty good here in Tahoe during the summer. At least I think so.

6:30pm. I need to stop by the first job again. Customers have decided to reward my efforts w/ beer and cookies. I like both and I'm close by so I stop. An assortment of IPA's and chocolate chip goodness await my arrival. This was a good move on my part.

7:15pm. Arrival back at Mighty Mobile headquarters. It's time to drag myself in the house and wash off the work w/ a nice long, hot shower. Then get some sleep.... 'cause we're gonna do the same thing all over again tomorrow.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Weekend Happenings

Unless you've had your head in a hole for the past week or so you probably know that it's Ironman weekend. It's not really my "thing", but from an athletes point of view it is definitely an epic day. The event will also make for an epic day of general navigation around the Truckee/Lake Tahoe area with road closures just about everywhere.

Next weekend (Sept 27-28) is the Little Big Ridestyle event at the Truckee Bike Park. This is a weekend for the ladies. Info here.
Or, if video is more "your thing"....

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Closed Sunday's.

  I'm closed Sundays.
  I don't answer the phone.
  I don't work on bikes.
  I try my best to not "talk bikes"... on Sundays.
  It's a "me time" sort of deal... the selfish bastard that I am..... on Sundays.
  It's days like this that I live for.
  Six days a week... I work.
  Sunday's.... I ride!

  We're 40 miles into this particular ride, on this particular Sunday. The Aaron's (Aaron and Erin) have gone their separate ways an hour ago. Smart folks... the Erin's. Already had enough. Places to be. People to see. Not me. It's Sunday. I'm closed. This is my day.... selfish bastard that I am. My remaining partner, Nate, is -of course- "up" for on more section of trail.
   The sky's have grown dark and for the past 1/2 hour we've been riding in the pitter patter of manageable and welcome rain drops. Just enough to keep things interesting. Eventually the rain starts to fall beyond the scope of "neat" and "nostalgic" as we drop into a random neighborhood.
   It's here that we find ourselves taking cover from the storm under the "available" deck of an uninhabited strangers house. We pass the time with talk of work, life and day to day "this and that". We also realize that this very well could be one of the best decisions that we've made all day as the pouring rain turns the street into a temporary river.
   Eventually, the storm clouds pass.
   Eventually the rain subsides.
   Conversation turns quiet.
   Packs back on.
   The journey continues.
   Yep.... Sundays.
    I love Sundays.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Things to watch out for

   Things at Mighty Mobile continue apace. There are some things worth mentioning that ya'll should now about.

    First off, we'll start w/ Sram 10 speed rear derailleurs (although Shimano can suffer from the same issues). If this is your chain management system of choice, it'd be a good idea to keep a keen eye on your inner cable where it is routed through the bend at the rear mech. You're generally looking here.
 Or, more closely and accurately... here.
See those broken strands of cable? Sure you do. Now, walk out to your garage and have a look at your own bike. Make sure yours doesn't look like this one. The worst part of this breakage is that the bike will continue to shift perfectly fine until there are literally just a couple of strands of cable remaining intact which will surely leave you stranded on your next ride. The cables break due to the tight bend of the cable in this area and the imminent flexing that happens to the cable while your bike bounces through rock gardens at 20mph. Don't put too much blame on the equipment here. Anyone that knows exactly how this stuff works is probably as amazed as I am that the stuff actually works in the environment that it lives in doing what we ask it to do.

Next, Sram 11speed rear derailleurs: The main mounting bolt that holds the rear derailleur to the frame comes loose. This bolt (#1/blue) should be checked daily.
The bolts are treated w/ a mild loctite from the factory. I've asked the guys at Sram about this and they advised NOT adding any other loctite to the bolt as the bolt can get too tight in your frame potentially breaking when the derailleur needs removed from the bike. For those not familiar with Srams tech docs, you need a T25 torx wrench to tighten the bolt to 70-88 in-lbs. Not familiar w/ in-lbs? Don't have a torque wrench? Don't worry. Just make sure the damn thing's not obviously loose and falling off your bike!

Rock Shox Reverb dropper seatposts. Yup.... we service those. Prices range from $60-$100 labor plus parts. Call for details.

Wheel builds. Yup. More than ever this year. I've built more wheels with carbon rims this year that those made of that ancient material folks call "metal". Sounds crazy, but I'll bet we're all riding carbon rims in a few more years.

Suspension service. Fox. Rock Shox. Marzocchi. All major parts and seal kits are in stock. Prices vary depending on the service required. On average, you can expect a fork service to run about $100. This includes service on the lowers and air spring with new seals and oil. Rear shocks. $50 average. This includes air sleeve service with new seals and oil. Closer/better estimates upon request.

Mighty Mobile is always stocked with the best equipment for road and mountain bikes. Tires, grips, handlebar tape, cables, housing, brake pads, chains, cassettes, chainrings, pedal cleats... this list goes on.

And as always, the best service... to your doorstep.

Monday, May 5, 2014


   Interesting day. Typical.
   Started with a quick trip to work out some spacing issues on a crankset. New bike. Scared customer. Don't blame him really. I'd be scared too after realizing that I forgot the spacers and seals on a $300 crankset and wasn't exactly quite sure just how things come back apart after tightening the shit out of the crank arm fixing bolt with the biggest allen wrench in my toolbox. Better safe than sorry.
   Then off to Donner Lake to tension up some wheels that were built a couple of months ago. Interesting customer. Likes touring (different bike). Dude's been everywhere. Seems as thought the Sierras aren't quite big enough. Stories of the Andes, Alps broken chains and epic days fill my two hours at this stop. Good guy. He also needs a rear shift cable and housing. He asks me about converting his bike to 11 speed. I suggest he buy a new bike. I'm hungry.
    Stix Market. Good spot. Got me a turkey sando w/ a bunch of fixin's. I didn't partake (this time), but the beer selection at this place is killer!!
    Then off to Paco's to loan them some tools. Rock Shox Reverb rebuild tools. Those boys are in for some cussing and oily hands.
    Off to Prosser. Next up on the repair stand, we have a Specialized Stumpy EVO. Cables for this guy. Dropper post and rear derailleur cables. Also fixed (hopefully) a creaky upper shock mount pivot.
     2:30. Meet a customer in town. Lots of work. Lots of parts need to be ordered. Ibis in the van to be worked on at a later date.
     3:00. Tahoe Donner. Nobody's home. Key's under the door mat. I love Truckee. I let myself into the garage and grab the Pivot that doesn't like to shift in the front anymore. Some tweaking here and there. Let's center up that front brake caliper while we're at it. Rubbing brakes suck.
     Back at "world headquarters", I'm waiting on a delivery when a call comes in from a desperate and stranded road rider on the west end of Donner Lake. Though I empathize with his tales of tire piercing staples and expelled Co2 cartridges I can't help him. I'm hearing the desperation in road riders voice, but it's almost falling of deaf ears as I spin a new mango colored Chris King rear hub between my fingers and wonder to myself as to just what sort of epic journeys this little beauty will experience.
     Delivery delivered. Papers signed. After a few estimates and phone calls, Mighty Mobile's day is complete. Beer thirty... as they say. Beer thirty.