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Monday, March 31, 2008

Suspension Service

Not only is suspension commonplace on today's bikes, it's far better than it was even a few years ago. I did a longwinded post on sag a while back and feel that it's one of the most overlooked but most important things to get adjusted properly on your bike. Any services I provide on suspension typically include set up for rider weight.

Some (but not all) common services offered:
  • Set-up sag (proper air pressure), adjust rebound and compression valving adjusters (front & rear): $25.00
  • Fork Service: Remove, clean and inspect lower fork leg assembly. Remove, clean and inspect air spring assembly. Install new seals as needed. Reassemble and fill fluids as per manufacturer specifications. $60.00 (plus seals & oil. prices vary)
  • Fork cartridge service: $15.00-$30.00
  • Rear Shock air sleeve maintenance: Disassemble, clean and inspect rear shock air sleeve and internals. Replace main air seals and glide rings. Refill fluid to manufacturers specs. Press new mounting hardware where necessary.  $35.00 (plus seals & oil. prices vary)
  • Repair damaged threads (if you can strip it, I can fix it): $25.00

If your fork looks like this on the outside.....

....it probably looks like this on the inside.
The above rates are "guestimates" for Fox forks and Shocks and do not include parts or oil. Call for more accurate pricing.