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Gregg Stone
Mighty Mobile Bicycle Repair

Monday, May 5, 2014


   Interesting day. Typical.
   Started with a quick trip to work out some spacing issues on a crankset. New bike. Scared customer. Don't blame him really. I'd be scared too after realizing that I forgot the spacers and seals on a $300 crankset and wasn't exactly quite sure just how things come back apart after tightening the shit out of the crank arm fixing bolt with the biggest allen wrench in my toolbox. Better safe than sorry.
   Then off to Donner Lake to tension up some wheels that were built a couple of months ago. Interesting customer. Likes touring (different bike). Dude's been everywhere. Seems as thought the Sierras aren't quite big enough. Stories of the Andes, Alps broken chains and epic days fill my two hours at this stop. Good guy. He also needs a rear shift cable and housing. He asks me about converting his bike to 11 speed. I suggest he buy a new bike. I'm hungry.
    Stix Market. Good spot. Got me a turkey sando w/ a bunch of fixin's. I didn't partake (this time), but the beer selection at this place is killer!!
    Then off to Paco's to loan them some tools. Rock Shox Reverb rebuild tools. Those boys are in for some cussing and oily hands.
    Off to Prosser. Next up on the repair stand, we have a Specialized Stumpy EVO. Cables for this guy. Dropper post and rear derailleur cables. Also fixed (hopefully) a creaky upper shock mount pivot.
     2:30. Meet a customer in town. Lots of work. Lots of parts need to be ordered. Ibis in the van to be worked on at a later date.
     3:00. Tahoe Donner. Nobody's home. Key's under the door mat. I love Truckee. I let myself into the garage and grab the Pivot that doesn't like to shift in the front anymore. Some tweaking here and there. Let's center up that front brake caliper while we're at it. Rubbing brakes suck.
     Back at "world headquarters", I'm waiting on a delivery when a call comes in from a desperate and stranded road rider on the west end of Donner Lake. Though I empathize with his tales of tire piercing staples and expelled Co2 cartridges I can't help him. I'm hearing the desperation in road riders voice, but it's almost falling of deaf ears as I spin a new mango colored Chris King rear hub between my fingers and wonder to myself as to just what sort of epic journeys this little beauty will experience.
     Delivery delivered. Papers signed. After a few estimates and phone calls, Mighty Mobile's day is complete. Beer thirty... as they say. Beer thirty.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Day In The Life

A day at Mighty Mobile is always interesting. Regardless of the amount of questions I ask on the phone with a customer, the actuality of the task at hand can be different when I show up. 

Sometimes it's easy. Leaking oil. That needs fixed. Seals.... in stock. 

Sometimes it takes a little longer than originally anticipated. No... I can't just "true it out". But I can build you a wheel.... while you wait.  

Other times the doors to the van don't even make it open. 

Yup. Bikes. Interesting little machines. Sometimes simple and straightforward. 

Other times.... not so much. 

The beauty of being a mobile bike mechanic is that I'm usually never in one spot too long. This makes for an interesting work day. I arrive. Set up. Fix. Chat. Pack up. And I'm on my way again. 

Well, ok. This stop might be a little different. I'll be here all day. No time for chatting. Just time spent with wrenches in hand. Fixing. Testing. Tweaking. Still... life is good. 

I do this because, generally, fixing bikes is very satisfying for me in a weird sort of way. Aside from odd jobs like the "mystery squeak" that can drive a mechanic (and rider) crazy, most things can be worked out with a little time and patience. When the bike is tuned and running like the well oil machine it should be it can make for a damn fine day. Just ask that guy!