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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Parts Bag

Aah, the used parts bag. A retrospect to what once was and shall never be again. So.... then why do I give old parts back?? I really dunno. I guess it's something I'd like to see if it was my bike that just got fixed. Maybe I'd want those old parts back so I could throw them across the driveway in a fit of rage, stomp on them with my foot in anger or sacrificially burn them at the next pre-ride camp out. I've seen recycling taken to "the next level" with old bike parts and the used parts bag really gives an opportunity to get the creative juices flowing..... or you could just throw them in the trash. In any event, I like the used parts bag.
Contents of the bag above: First off we have that odd looking stuff that looks like a lock of Barbies hair. It's actually a derailleur cable made by Power Cordz. You can click on the link to see just what their all about, but I can tell you that the Power Cordz turn into a huge mess when the cable anchor bolt washer tab (that's the other part in the bag) breaks off causing the washer to spin and the cable to get pulled in all the wrong directions.
The other stuff in the bag is electrical tape. With 1000's of uses, electrical tape shows up everywhere on bikes. This particular time around it was used to hold the front brake line on the fork. I dug around in my parts bin and found something a little nicer to hold the brake line in place. This bike is heading for round one of the Nevada State Championships after all and if ya look fast you'll feel fast and if ya feel fast you'll be fast.... at least that's what I hope for this guy. Good luck George!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bike to Work Week

Finally settled down (kinda) from FTR and am feverishly working towards the next project which is a big, white Chevy van. Yep, Mighty Mobile is heading to "the next level"..... well, actually I'm just getting tired of loading and unloading all the tools and supplies from my truck three times per week. I'll be posting updates on the progress, or lack thereof, of the "van project" for all of my loyal followers.... yep, all three of you can monitor the action right from your lounge chair.

The flier above is for bike to work week and is something that I really wanted to get involved with last year as it's right up my alley. I love commuting by bike and you should too. I'm doing a free, yes FREE, maintenance clinic in front of Alpenglow Sports in Tahoe City Thursday the 14th. You should come by and check it out!

Well, I'm off to the DMV. Wish me luck.... I'll need it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

FTR 2009

Clikcy takes you to FTR photo album.

It's Tuesday, late morning.... the day after FTR. I'm test riding a customers bike triple checking the adjustments I've just made. I feel like I'm sitting on sandpaper, really rough sandpaper. I think back to yesterdays ride and realize that a sore "keister" is a small price to pay for what could be one of the most epic rides of my summer. The bar has been set for 2009.

Riding in the foothills this time of year is unbelievable. The dirt on the trails is dark, chocolaty brown and it inspires you to push the limits of traction. I find myself riding down there this time of year as much as possible. It'll only be a few more weeks and we'll have more than enough riding in Truckee keeping us entertained for the rest of the summer.

This years FTR was a point to point. For all the logistical issues that arise with shuttles, meeting spots and directions to places in the middle of nowhere, a ride that starts in one spot and ends in another make it all worth while. It turns the day into an adventure. The thought of swimming, clean clothes and cold beer make me keep pedalling towards the final destination.

You know it's gonna be good when your fixing the sidewall on your tire.... before the ride even starts.

You look like this......

..... when your frame looks like this....

.... then you get a replacement bike and suddenly everything's A-O-K.

You can't have an epic without some hike-a-bike.

One of many rest stops. The Helipad.

Single speed. Single brake. Multi skilled. JP.

J-Millz. The 20 switchbacks trail.

Scotts Flat reservoir.

"Honey, I probably won't be home in time for dinner."

D-man. Miners Trail.

This climb sucked.

Round Mountain. Close to the end.

The trails end.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dead ends and shiny leaves

Aaron and I chanced the weather on Tuesday to scout out some more trail options for F.T.R. Phase one of the scouting started out by driving some (actually, most) of the dirt roads between Harmony Ridge Market and N.Bloomfield Rd trying to link up the Round Mountain Trails. After being turned around by houses, gates, dead ends and plain ole' bad direction choices we finally found ourselves at Round Mountain where we saddled up on the bikes and did the 7 mile loop. The loop was just like I remembered. Buff, skinny, tight, twisty. The loop only took an hour, but that's OK because it's off to Phase Two of the days scouting.

Phase Two was much different. Back in the truck. Head South. The driving portion was easy. Dive off the 20, descend to Washington, park just outside of town in the sun and start riding up-river looking for the Doolittle Trail. This trails been a bastard child for me. I've tried looking for this trail 2 other times before from the top and have been "skunked" both times. The trails up there are barely used and a fire about 10 years ago makes navigating the trails sketchy at best. The last time I tried finding this trail (about two weeks ago) I descended the 1,300ft of vertical from the ridge off trail, off bike just before dark.... fun times. Today we would guarantee ourselves finding the trail by riding (hiking actually) it from the bottom... WHAT A CONCEPT!!!! After 1hr/15min of hiking all but two short (very short) sections we found the top. Victory was ours and for me it was about friggin' time.

One of the many, many patches of Poison Oak @ Round Mountain
Sako,Matty.... you've been warned!!

One of the many, many dirt roads we tried

One of the two short, very short sections of trail we were able to ride on the way up the DooLittle Trail

Most of the time up the DooLittle Trail looked like this

You really only need your brakes once on the descent. you pull on the levers at the top and things stay that way until you get to the bottom....1,300ft later

Aaron with the upper South Yuba drainage in the background

Snow on the way home. Hopefully the trails won't get too hammered in the next two weeks.

Friday, April 3, 2009

20 Switchbacks

Hodi... comin' in hot! Scotts Drop Trail.

Finally broke out and got down to the foothills for some cob web clean out on the b-cycle. Felt good... real good to be riding again. Turning pedals. Picking lines. Riding with buddies. Good times.

Hit up Nevada City area and rode some of the lower trails below Whitecloud campgound. You can ride most of the way to Skillman campground on the Pioneer Trail but there's snow above that.... for now. It should be noted that the Pioneer Trail between Harmony Ridge Market and Whitecloud is just so-so. However, the trails that spur off the Pioneer in that area are fabulous! We rode Scotts Drop, Miners and some others that I can't tell you about.... you just had to be there. The Pioneer ABOVE Whitecloud Campground is super neato with, yet again, more options.

Miners Trail

This guy has some good/basic mapage that will get you started down there. It's a nice alternative to Auburn with less people (usually), more trail options and a shorter drive. The town of Nevada City has all the amenities a mountain biker would need from greasy bar food to fine dining and everything in between. Personally, I like the hippie burrito shop on the north side of town.