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Monday, October 26, 2009


"I've always been crazy
but it's kept me
from going insane."
Waylon Jennings

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tour De Culdesac 09

If you liked the Tahoma Cruiser Rally this past summer, then you'll love the Tour De Culdesac.

Before heading out (way out) for Le' Tour, I stopped by Shawn Os' for a little ride in Reno on the new Halo trail. Some people "bag" on the riding in Reno and it's a shame really. It's unlikely you'll find me riding down there in the heat of summer, but in the fall, winter and spring it gives us Tahoe folks the option for riding some fast, flowing trails just half an hour down the road.

The crew on the new Halo trail.

We arrived to food @ TDC. Wouldn't it be grand if there was a table of food like this after every ride.

Gentlemen.... start your engines! The course is a 60ish second dirt loop complete w/ two slalom sections, tight gravely corners, a jump and a pit stop for an 8oz glass... err... cup of wine. Fastest 6 of the night move to the final. There were some heavy hitters lined up to ride their lap... literally.

The wine stop can make or break you. Try as he might, Mike's loosing some valuable points for spilling his drink.

TDC is no joke!

Aaron. Truckee represent! Bonus points for the speed suit.

I was happier with my second place finish after realizing that the winner received a yellow jersey, an almost new baby and a kiss from two dudes.

Before the tandem event a wedding broke out with a slightly odd (ok, really odd) ceremony performed by a real live indian....almost. You could feel the love in the air. I think these kids will be real happy together.

The ceremony ended as the indian chief broke into dance.....

..... and then received some spankings as it turns out it was his birthday.

Back to racing. 2007 tandem champions Shawn and Tenile show their mad starting skills.

Tenile sets up for the right hander juuuussst a little too early. If my photographer a little more skills, the next shot you would've seen is Tenile getting sucked under the tandem while Shawn continues on to the wine stop. Ruthless. That's what it takes to be a champion people.

If you think these guys are sketchy now....

..... you shudda' seen them after the wine stop.

Aaron and the 2007 yellow jersey holder get their game faces on. With night creeping in, tandem competitors got a bit agro knowing that their chances for taking the victory were getting less and less as visibility was starting to be an issue.

I got paired up with this years solo champion for the tandem race and was really excited about our chances for victory. But, after crashing twice and getting my pant leg stuck in the chain (causing yet another sampling of the course) I knew we were in trouble. I decided that our only chance for victory was with style points. So.....

..... I pointed our ship towards the koi pond and hoped for the best. The tires on the tandem didn't quite have the grip on the slime that coated the bottom of the pond and, as a result, we'd hit the deck once again. After tallying the results, it was Sahwn and Tenile once again taking top honors for the tandem championships. Seems as though the course marshals awarded a bigger time bonus for running over your wife. Just wait till next year.
Video down there.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


....i'm racin'. I know, I know, I've said time and time again that I'm pretty much done with the whole "race thing" but there ARE those "special events" that you just shouldn't miss. This looks like one of those events. Click here for info.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

R - U Ready??

Just scoping my new favorite weather site and see that the remnants of Typhone Melor has Tahoe on it's "places to visit" list for this week. Tue looks like the day to have your favorite movies lined up, get a fire going in the wood stove and settle in for a day of ultra saturation which will surely do some justice to our "haggard" mountain bike trails.

It's also that time of year when I start preaching the merits of a front fender. Introducing.... the SKS Mud Max

Look no further, I've tried them all and this is the one. Straight from Germany weighing in at a scant 90g, this little ditty will minimize the splatter factor of mud, water, cow patties or anything else you may come across on your favorite trails. Installs faster than Matty Larsen can pinch flat in a cross race and will set you back less than a good 6-pack. $10.00. In stock now!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


FINALLY got a chance to get some pictures from SSWC. Most of the pictures are actually from the trip that surrounded SSWC. I really don't have any pics from race day. You can find plenty on line if you're looking for race photos.
Anyhoo, for some random photos from Moab and Durango, click here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


"I spent all my Tour De France
money on faithless women, leather
jackets and ghetto blasters.
The rest I just squandered."
Bob Roll, SSWC09

Monday, October 5, 2009


"the bicycle is a tool
for self understanding
weather through
pain or pleasure"

Sunday, October 4, 2009


You really should have the sound on for this one.