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Monday, June 29, 2009

lost.... again

What is it about me and directions on a ride? It seems like I can get lost pretty much anywhere. Sometimes even the most obvious of turns escapes me, like yesterday at the first Chickadee. The route (if you don't know the area or don't care about the route, skip to the next paragraph to avoid the boredom of description): Sawtooth trails to Shaffer Creek into Northstar to 06rd to Fiberboard to Rim. Rim to Missing link to Western States to bike path to Alpine Meadows rd. Climb Alpine to Snow Crest up and over to Rim Trail into Tahoe City for re-fuel. Fairway Dr to Bunker (this is where it all went wrong) to gas line to Rim Trail (by missing link) back to 06 to Watson Tr, then back to Truckee via Happy Face and various Sawtooth trails. All told the route was supposed to be about 50 miles. Start time: 8:20AM.

So, I get into Tahoe City for the re-supply trying to figure out why I can't catch Conrad and his team-mate. As it would turn out, the reason I wasn't catching them would be that they were behind me. A quick check of time/11:00. Fill two bottles and I'm back on the bike. I remember my phone ringing a few times on the way into TC so I decided to take the next few minutes to check my voicemail while "idling" up the road. Soooo, I guess while on the phone, I unknowingly missed the left onto Bunker Dr. Oh, don't get me wrong, I made a left. I don't know what street it was on, but I went left and started to climb. After a mile or so, I saw some water tanks and realized that I took a wrong turn. The road terminated into a soul robbing dead end so I turned around and went back to a trail I thought might get me back over to Bunker. Hike-a-bike. Damn. I turn around again, backtrack and try yet another trail. After traversing a ridiculously technical trail I come to a fire road.... off course, but not lost. Getting lost and aimlessly riding around trails I'd never been on took its toll. I contemplate the idea of dropping back into Tahoe City to Daron's house to eat all of his food and watch some TV in an attempt to recover. Never the less, I continue. The fireroad climb was in the sun. It's hot. I'm slummin'.... big time. I get back on course, but the damage is done. I'm tired and my legs don't have the "snap" they did before missing the turn. I realize that I've got quite a ways to go to get back to Truckee. My agenda turns from "steady gunnin" to "slow & slummin" as I make my way back towards Truckee. I skipped some of the course and added a trail or two that wasn't on the "agenda" for an epic day of riding.... right from the house. The downhill on B.W. trail sure did get my head into the game of riding again to finish the day off strong.... or at least just above "slummin" pace. All in all, a pretty fun day.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Nevada City Classic

The Nevada City Classic happens every fathers day for the past 49 years. Race report here. It's one of the oldest and hardest pro/am cycling events in North America. It's also one of the more epic road rides I'll find myself doing all summer... I think.

The ride starts off early in the morning in Truckee and heads North on hwy 89 into Sierraville. From there it's onto hwy 49 as you pedal up and over Yuba pass topping out at 6,700ft. I'm not sure of the exact stats, but it's safe to say that the road points predominately downhill for the next 15 or so miles as you loose more the 3,000ft of elevation as you head towards Downieville. With the topography of the land and 6 good riding partners, that section goes by really quick. We always stop in Downieville for a bite to eat and give the cigarette smoking downhillers something to gawk at. If they only knew that most of the lycra clad guys their making fun of will probably be yelling "on your left" as they zing by at the race coming up in a few weeks. Fortunately, you get some more gentle descending out of Downieville as you try and digest your brunch. Soak up the benefits of gravity now, because in a few more miles, it's going to be working against you. There are three climbs on hwy 49 between Downieville and Nevada City standing between you and the awaiting BBQ.

Thanx to Lucy and her dad for rounding up the burgers and sausages for the apres' ride. Also thanx to another good riding crew this year. See you in 364 days to do it all over again.

Some pics from the days ride here.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More New Stuff

I'm sure some people are getting sick of me talking about the merits of Dumonde Tech chain lube. "Dumonde this", "Dumonde that"... yea, I talk those guys up... and why not. Until I find a better lube, I'll continue to use, recommend and sell the full compliment of lubes these guys have to offer.

Hippies rejoice, I've been "field testing" their new Bio Green plant based lube for the past couple of weeks and must say, I'm more than satisfied. Like all Dumonde Tech lubes, this stuff works best when applied on a clean drivetrain and used sparingly. If your using Dumonde lubes and your chain looks black, greasy, messy or otherwise not clean.... you're using too much!! Save some lube, clean-up time and money and simply use less lube while applying to your chain. Dumonde Tech recommends that you use the chains' sound instead of how it appears as a guide for when to re-apply lube to your chain. Simply put, if your chain doesn't sound dry... it probably isn't. I did a post on how to easily clean your drivetrain a while back and there's a picture in there on how much/little lube I'm shooting for while lubing.

Anyhoo, I've got 2oz bottles of the new Bio Green in stock for $10.00... a full buck under retail. That's like a free doughnut!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Stuff

I finally got Tomi off his bike long enough to cut me/you some chainrings. I use and highly recommend Tomi Cogs Chainrings. Why? To start, you'll not find a more round chainring. Because of Tomi's anal retentiveness, you'll save yourself some time trying to find the "tight spot" while adjusting your chain... something every one speeder battles with. Second: Their strong... strong as steel. Probably because that's what their made of! Type 304 stainless. If a daily trip to WeightWeenies.com is what your intraweb surfing consists of, this might not be the chainring for you. But, if you want a high quality, long lasting chainring for your daily battle with the local single track... look no further. I've got common sizes in stock now. Custom options available. I should probably mention: Tomicog chainrings are one speed/downhill specific which means no shift ramps, pick up pins or beveled teeth to enhance front shiftie type bikes... I've got other stuff for that. $40.00 TomiCogs.com

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Worlds Most Beautiful Bike Ride

Signed myself up again to do mechanical support for this years Worlds Most Beautiful Bike Ride. You see allot of interesting stuff, meet some interesting people and get to work on your productivity at this event as there's plenty to do. It all adds up for one crazy day.
Doing support for this event goes like this: You get to the rest stop early. Set up. Then you wait. The first few riders come through. They NEVER need their bikes worked on. They are clearly "winning". You wait some more. Riders continue to come trickle through... then come the masses..... all 3,000 of them. It starts with a cut tire, then a shifter cable, a spoke..... the list goes on. In a period of about two hours you work on countless bikes doing repairs as fast as you can. People are waiting. Most are cool. Like a receding high tide or the setting of the sun things slow down. There's no longer a line of riders waiting for this or that. Some stragglers come through. You wonder if they'll make the whole 100 miles. Then it's over. You pack up and go home.
Thanks to the couple from Philadelphia who shared their lunch of pizza and beers towards the end of the day. This couple won't set any speed records on this ride, but I guarantee they had the best attitude and a really good time on this ride..... just the way it should be.

Friday, June 5, 2009

all i gotta say is....

.... it's national doughnut day! better than christmas, my birthday or any other holiday i can think of.

i will be partaking.

see you @ The Treat Box.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

thanx peoples!!!

Many thanx to anyone that voted for my friend Tomi Miller a while back for the chance to win a free trip to the Brek Epic. To re-cap, my long time riding friend of many-a-years ago on the east coast, Tom Miller, won a bloggers grant to enter the Brek Epic f-r-double-ee this year. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Tomi's got a free ticket for all 6 days and 40,000ft of climbing in high altitude at bea-u-ti-ful Breckenridge Colorado. I have no doubt of Tomi's ability to enter this race, finish and probably do pretty good in the grand scheme of things.... even though he's riding it on a fixed gear. Friggin' crazy bastard. Anyhoo, if your into some more bike dorkiness, check out his first two "requirement posts" and contest application (a must read) here.

While I'm throwin' out props, thanks to Monte Boyle at Sinclair Imports for finding me an Ultegra right side shift lever blade even when "the computer says we're out". Maybe those sprints running from his desk out to the warehouse, checking the actual inventory and subsequently running back to his desk/phone is how Monte gets so fast on the cyclocross bike every fall. Thanks man, my customer was back on the road in no time.

Last but not least, thanks to the LADIES!! Yep, all 22 of ya that showed up for the backcountry repair clinic at Alpenglow Sports in Tahoe City this week. I was overhearing the exchange of phone numbers for rides and sensing good camaraderie throughout the group. A sign of good things to come, I'm sure. Check out the ladies rides as well as all the other events happening in conjunction with Pedal There Thursdays.