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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vacation's neat

Haven't posted in a while. Been back in "the mother land" (Pa) visiting friends & family and, of course, riding some bikes.
Took advantage of my proximity and headed to West Virginia & hooked up with some peeps to do 2 EPIC days of riding.

"The crew" (18 of us) heading up the first climb of the day. We spent the entire day riding south on a ridge that eventually took us back to camp.

Who says there's no climbing on the east coast.

Pete's steamin' mad that he's the first to flat. He wouldn't be the last.

You just know we stopped here for a break.

Classic east coast fall colors

Riding back to camp (Seneca Rocks) after 7ish hours.

Fire Jenga

Fire Jenga..... late night

New day. New ridge. Yesterday we were on the far ridge you can see.

Jake, you better ride light.

Lunch anyone??

Riding in deep leaves. Not for the timid. Use "the force"

Tomi. Navigating some of West Va's finest.

One last view before the "oh so sweet" descent to the valley floor.

Stats day one:

  • Length: long
  • 18 people
  • many flats
  • many smiles

Day two:

  • Length: longer
  • 22 people
  • more flats
  • more smiles

All pics posted here

Friday, October 10, 2008

Stone Stomps, Perkins Proves Persistent

Words by: Seymore Butts
Photos by: Oh, there are no photos

Outalw crossers were treated to a brand-spankin' new venue this time around but familiar faces would stand atop the podium.

The womens race would see the ever persistent Cass Perkins (Truckee) throwing down a pace akin to something you would see at the Bonneville Salt Flats on a Sunday afternoon. "I heard the CHP was called because traffic on Highway 80 was getting held up from all the dust that girl's kickin' up" said a spectator lucky enough to witness the event. "Mm hmm" mentioned his wife. 2nd place would be awarded to newcommer Marain from Reno and the "future Mrs Boyle" would take home 3rd.

The mens race would start fast and furious. Gregg Stone and his evil twin, Kenny Burt, would eventually get a small gap on the rest of the field and battle throughout the entire race. Burt, fresh off a 2nd place at Brians Head Super-D, would follow Stones wheel the entire race. It seemed like he was trying a last lap pass on the "freeway section" as he got up really tight to Stones wheel, but the Mighty Mobile rider would prove too strong this day and Burt would settle for another 2nd place. The fight for the final podium spot was a good one between last weeks winner, Monte Boyle, Matt Larsen and newcommer John Hotop. Larsen, staying true to last weeks "heads are gonna roll" comment, put a strong move on the group on the "freeway section" that looked like it was going to work but instead left the Reno rider with flat tire far from the pits. Then there were two. Boyle and Hotop would challenge each other throughout the remaining laps with Boyle getting the advantage with a lap and a half to go.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Thread Repair

Here's a neat little repair that can be a big savior on juuussst the right part.

This is a nice bike. Custom steel. (Reynolds 853 to be exact) I've had the oportunity to do a couple of rides on this bike and gotta tell ya... it's a solid rig! The comoponents are a mish-mash of newer and older stuff that still works great. Disc brake up front, rise bars, lock on grips.... the list goes on!

It's got a nice, standard 5mm seat bolt on one side, with a......
.... what the heck's that janky thang on the other side! A nut? You must be kidding! You can't have a nut on there. Forget that this is a custom bike. Why on earth would you ever want to have to use 2 tools to adjust your saddle height? Don't know??? Me either. Why not just thread the seat clamp?

Introducing: The Thread Repair Insert!

The parts from left to right are:

  1. Drill Bit
  2. Tap
  3. Steel Coil (the new thread)
  4. Insertion Tools

So, drill the seat clamp... thusly.

Tap the part.... as such

A little dab will do ya. Permanent thread locking compound on the threads you just made will ensure that when you loosen the seat clamp bolt only the bolt turns.... not the steel thread repair insert you're about to install.

Install the repair coil into the clamp with the super-neat-o insertion tools.

The insertion tools (#4) really are super-neat-o. They keep the steel repair coil (#3) spaced perfectly for the desired thread pitch.

Acquire a new bolt of the proper length and..... Bang... you done got'cherself some new threads! The end of the bolt is just below flush with the clamp when it's tight... just like it's supposed to be.

(Note: If this is your first time doing this, don't... I repeat... DO NOT try to fix something expensive on your bike first without first testing this in something like..... anything else really. Just not your Thomson stem... or your brake caliper mounting threads in your fork lowers)

This used to be the common fix on Rock Shox Mag 21 lowers. The brake boss bolts would strip allllllll the time on those things. It's a handy trick for expensive tid-bits on your ride. Not only will you be up and running WITHOUT having to buy a new XTR crank arm, it's something that can have you back on the trail in no time.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Boyle & Perkins victorious at opener

Uninsured, barely organized, never serious but always a good time October kicks off Outlaw Cyclocross season in the greater Truckee area. The past few years have turned into a Truckee/Reno battle royal that's sure to be the best ever for 2008. Join us.... if you dare.

Monty Boyle (Ridley Bikes) showed the Truckee Outlaw cyclocross series just how it's done at the season opener last Thursday. "Yea, I guess I won. I don't know if I'll win the series, but someone from Reno's gonna do it" Boyle casually stated after the race.

Matty Larsen (Stable Quiver, Reno) showed good form early and was leading for the first few laps. He would succom to the pressure from Boyle and settle for a second place finish. "I was just riding along today" mumbled the mid westerner afterwards. "I'll be bringing my A-game next week and some heads are gonna roll" he went on to say later.

John Svahn chased hard and would emerge third when the dust settled. "I would've won if I had a carbon seatpost" stated the Norwegian afterwards. "I've been doing some top secret training targeted to peak just after mid season" he went on to say.

The woman's race would see two new faces in this years series. Cass Perkins appears to be the one to beat as she outpaced Annie for most of the race. It was rumored later in the pits that Annie didn't want the weight of the points lead on her shoulders this early in the series. Is Perkins unbeatable or is Annie a master tactician.... only time will tell.

It's anybodies guess as to what the season will bring. Reno is definitely in it for the fame, glory, money and everything else that comes along with winning the Outlaw series. Truckee is down a man after last years series winner, Andrew Hall, moved back to Australia to start an organic vegemite operation. Some regulars were also missing from the morning race.... scared no doubt.