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Monday, June 21, 2010


Going big.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

this week

This week at Mighty Mobile is seeing a surge of bikes that have had their first rides of the summer with the rider realizing that the bike really isn't ready for a full season of "gettin' after it". As is typical for this time of year, I've been doing quite a few brake bleeds as well as shifter cable & housing replacements to keep things working the way they were intended to.

I've also been dealing with all kinds of shipping snafu's. First we have the bearing & pivot kit that I've ordered over a week ago. Customer still waiting. Fortunately, his bike is still rideable, it's just that you can hear his bike creaking and squeaking from waaayyy down the trail. I won't name names here, I'll just say that the area where the said bike company resides is within' a days drive from me and near the beach. The surfing must be going off right now. Siiiiicck.

Then, there's the rim that I needed (still need actually). It's a silver Mavic. It needs to be a silver Mavic. The job entails repairing some crash damage and I'm trying to match the front rim as best as possible (A.B.A.P.) and a silver rim would really tie things together. I ordered the rim last week and it arrived yesterday. The box looked a little battered. Upon opening said box I found......

..... this! This won't do. The old/crashed rim has its issues, but it's not THIS bad. WTF!!! I wonder if the guys at UPS remember this add from a while back while their handling packages?

So, I guess I should peel myself from the computer and get back to work.

Hope this finds everyone well.... if anyone is still out there.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

a day in the life

Life's been good, but also very busy.

Round two of the Nevada State Championship series went quite well. I don't think I was the fastest guy there, but I did prove to have more luck at keeping the air in my tires than Scott Leland (round 1 winner). This being the case, I managed to come across the line in the #1 spot... much to my surprise at awards. I was sure I got second... meh... I'll take it.

Now that spring has FINALLY sprung (I hope) people are getting bikes out of storage in a hurry. My schedule has been a fairly constant 4-6 days out, so if your bike's in need of some love, don't wait to long to call.

With all that's going on, I've still managed to cram in some time to do a couple more projects inside the van. The past three or so days I've had saws, shop vacs, drills and everything else that's really noisy running at "full throttle". Sorry if I missed a few calls. Even with my ringer on the highest of highs, it's no match up against the skill saw. Hopefully my back holds out for a few more days while the finishing touches get put on the prejects at hand.

Hopefully this finds everyone well. Trails are opening up faster than you can imagine. Get out there and ride people!!!