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Monday, May 26, 2008

Good az it gits

The rain is penetrating the trails with force and as of yesterday you could push the envelope of traction to ridiculous levels. Some might even say EXTREEEEEEEEM!!!!!!

I set off with a crew on Sunday for "one of those days" on the bike. One of those days where the forecast was for steady rain, the ride started late, and I was on a bike with LOTS of new work and parts. Fortunately, the cards being dealt to us this day were played out with unexpected warm temps, welcomed occasional light showers and not only were there no mechanicals.... we couldn't pinch flat even if we tried!!

With anything possible, we set off on a 4 hour tour. After climbing to snow line (guessing 7,250ft elevation) we hopped on one of my favorite trails in Truckee. This is a classic ridge line rolling descent that is "choice" to say the least. From "tight and twisty" to "open and hauling", this trail has it all. Aaron and I tried to ride this trail two weeks ago and were flat out denied by snow. This day, we would get revenge..... and then some. As the trails 3rd year in existence and personally riding it for all three, I can honestly say conditions couldn't have been any better. The next 1/2 hour would be spent carving turns, picking through rock gardens and stopping every once in a while to look at your buddy with the biggest shit eating grin saying "are you kidding me?"

All good things must come to and end, and for this trail the end had come. The end was marked by a swollen creek which we walked the banks of in search of a crossing that would keep our feet dry. After 15 minutes, T-Bone took it upon himself to show us the way as he charged the creek going at least hub deep in a loose, care-free style that IS T-Bone. At the other side, while I was emptying my shoes of water and ringing out my socks, the ever quick learning Mike Koogler trumped us all by pulling out a fresh/dry pair of socks from his pack!

With more trails to ride, we set off in yet another rain shower and climbed to our next bit of "single-track radness" that are Truckee Trails.

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