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Monday, June 23, 2008

Whadda U Ride??

"What's the best bike?" I often get this question while at a job or on trail and the simple answer is "the one I'm on right now".

The Colnago in the picture is nice. It's light, rolls well on its ceramic bearings and is cosmetically pleasingly to the eye. The owner of this "rig" is passionate about cycling and feels like his bike is the best thing on the road. Maybe it is? But at what cost? Let's put aside the fact that the bike has a street value of just under $15,000.00 (no, I'm not kidding and yes, the comma and decimal point is in the right spot) and look at some other facts.

I was on the same ride as this bike. I was on my trusty Jamis with its steel frame tubes, 8 speed drivetrain and wheels that have 32 spokes.... each. My bike has a street value of about $600.00 (no, I'm not kidding and yes, the lack of comma and position of the decimal point is in the right spot) and for my particular application, I think it's the best thing on the road. We rode 98 miles that day. We both had a really good ride. We both arrived at our destination at the same time. We both didn't want our bikes to get stolen while we hung out after the ride to check out some racing at the Nevada City Classic.

Keeping this ride in mind, I was reflecting back to a week ago when I needed a crush washer to do an oil change on a Fox 36. I didn't have one in stock, so I hopped on the trusty Kona cruiser. This bike has a street value of.... well.... not too much really. But DAMN, did I have a good ride! I blasted through the neighborhood, cut behind the cement factory, down the bike path into town. I stopped at the Treat Box for a glazed doughnut, headed over to the thrift store for some miscellaneous browsing and THEN went to a local shop to get the parts I needed.

Today I'll be riding with Megan, my girlfriend. I don't know what bike I'll be riding. I dont' know what ride we'll be doing. But I do know I'll have a good time.

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