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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Northstar Series Race #2

Reasonably better navigating this week. I didn't get lost once!!! More favorable course in comparison to last week.

The start of 1 hour races are usually brutal and tonight's outcome would be no different. I went from 2nd to 7th or so about 1/3rd up the first climb. I managed to get around a few guys before reaching the top & starting the descent. The course descended down Upper Mineshaft to Woods to Deerpath. I like this course. Unlike last weeks course which went straight up.... then straight down, tonight's course went straight up, a couple minutes of descending, then some nice XC style undulating single track with bits of DH trails w/ jumps thrown in for good measure. Table-tops and gap jumps are also something you don't see on your typical XC course..... unfortunately. The DH race that used part of the woods trail definitely worked the trail a bit, but overall the course didn't feel like your typical ski area race.

By lap two, I was in third. About 20 seconds back. I tried "pinning it" in a few sections, but just couldn't make any time on 2nd place. I would stay at 20 seconds back for the entire race loosing just a bit more time while stuck behind some lappers on the final bit of descending of the final lap.

I'd like to thank my sponsors....... oh yea, that's right, I don't have any. Then I guess I'll just thank who/whatever kept my under-inflated front tire from getting a flat.... especially after hearing the tell tale "thung" of the rim hitting a rock.... twice. I saw quit a few folks pushing bikes back down with no air in the tires. Don't people carry provisions for fixing a flat these days???

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