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Gregg Stone
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Stone Stomps, Perkins Proves Persistent

Words by: Seymore Butts
Photos by: Oh, there are no photos

Outalw crossers were treated to a brand-spankin' new venue this time around but familiar faces would stand atop the podium.

The womens race would see the ever persistent Cass Perkins (Truckee) throwing down a pace akin to something you would see at the Bonneville Salt Flats on a Sunday afternoon. "I heard the CHP was called because traffic on Highway 80 was getting held up from all the dust that girl's kickin' up" said a spectator lucky enough to witness the event. "Mm hmm" mentioned his wife. 2nd place would be awarded to newcommer Marain from Reno and the "future Mrs Boyle" would take home 3rd.

The mens race would start fast and furious. Gregg Stone and his evil twin, Kenny Burt, would eventually get a small gap on the rest of the field and battle throughout the entire race. Burt, fresh off a 2nd place at Brians Head Super-D, would follow Stones wheel the entire race. It seemed like he was trying a last lap pass on the "freeway section" as he got up really tight to Stones wheel, but the Mighty Mobile rider would prove too strong this day and Burt would settle for another 2nd place. The fight for the final podium spot was a good one between last weeks winner, Monte Boyle, Matt Larsen and newcommer John Hotop. Larsen, staying true to last weeks "heads are gonna roll" comment, put a strong move on the group on the "freeway section" that looked like it was going to work but instead left the Reno rider with flat tire far from the pits. Then there were two. Boyle and Hotop would challenge each other throughout the remaining laps with Boyle getting the advantage with a lap and a half to go.

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