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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More New Stuff

I'm sure some people are getting sick of me talking about the merits of Dumonde Tech chain lube. "Dumonde this", "Dumonde that"... yea, I talk those guys up... and why not. Until I find a better lube, I'll continue to use, recommend and sell the full compliment of lubes these guys have to offer.

Hippies rejoice, I've been "field testing" their new Bio Green plant based lube for the past couple of weeks and must say, I'm more than satisfied. Like all Dumonde Tech lubes, this stuff works best when applied on a clean drivetrain and used sparingly. If your using Dumonde lubes and your chain looks black, greasy, messy or otherwise not clean.... you're using too much!! Save some lube, clean-up time and money and simply use less lube while applying to your chain. Dumonde Tech recommends that you use the chains' sound instead of how it appears as a guide for when to re-apply lube to your chain. Simply put, if your chain doesn't sound dry... it probably isn't. I did a post on how to easily clean your drivetrain a while back and there's a picture in there on how much/little lube I'm shooting for while lubing.

Anyhoo, I've got 2oz bottles of the new Bio Green in stock for $10.00... a full buck under retail. That's like a free doughnut!!


George said...

I think that you should sell the Bio Green Lube WITH a donut. I'd be all over that deal...

Stubbie said...

i like the idea. i'm thinking of starting a race team next year and will see if The Treat Box bakery in Truckee is interested in being a sponsor.

Buck said...

somebody, somewhere, typed the words Treat Box and now I need a donut.