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Saturday, February 20, 2010


If you were one of the countless riders (like me) swearing at your computer and cursing Yuba Expeditions while feverishly trying to guess a creative passcode while trying to register for the Downieville Classic last night... you're not alone. The "recent review" thread on the registration site was hilarious though. I'm guessing that Greg Williams (event promoter) had a bit of an uneasy sleep last night after a shit storm of online bickering, threats and other silliness took place immediately after registration opened.

The scenario went like this: While attempting to register online for the race you were prompted for a "passcode". Funny thing was (not really funny, more metaphorically funny), no passcode existed to the public. At about 8:05 a thread was posted in the "recent review" section of the registration site that the passcode was "trailstewerdship". I (along with 1,000's of other riders) typed in the passcode on my form and clicked the submit button. The system was so jammed up that orders weren't going through and by the time I refreshed the page, everything was sold out.... just like last year.

Sooooo, I read this morning that the event promoter is claiming last nights mayhem was a mistake and registration will officially take place NEXT Friday night instead. Meh. Honestly, the prestige and overall feel of the race has a funny feel.... and smell... kinda like ?????


Anonymous said...

More like some serious bullshit if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

The reg. opened up right before 8pm, probably so some riders who were given the passcode could register before the masses. I'm guessing that at 8pm the passcode requirement was supposed to be dropped by Active but for some reason was inadvertently left on. The passcode was then "leaked" by those in the know. Honestly, I think the promoter of any race like this should reserve spots for riders they wont to participate. Why lie and pretend you don't? Riders like craig, schnell, taberly, carter, etc. all boost the recognition and sponsorship of this race and I think benefit us all. Why not reserve, say, 40 spots for special riders and sponsors and run a lottery for the rest? I agree, these shenanigans by Yuba threaten to mar the prestige and overall feel for this truly epic race.

Stubbie said...

yea. i hear ya.
i'll probably still be in front of my computer feverishly typing my info.... again.

Craig said...

They should just keep charging more and more money every year to weed out the yahoo's.....oh wait, we might be part if the yahoo's. Anyway,what a joke that process is!!Wat to F up a good race!