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Friday, May 20, 2011

and so it begins

The first race of the Sierra Cup Series (formerly the Nevada State Championsip Series) is this Saturday. Of course I'll be there to defend my title.

Last year at this race I was suffering around the course on my Blur LT (not that I'd be suffering any less on a different bike) chasing guys off in the distance that I'd never catch. Meh... that's racin'. I remember the temperature dropping each lap and thought it was getting pretty damn cold. Wasn't sure exactly how cold, but cold. Reality struck on the third and final lap when it began to snow! Not enough to stop and have a snowball fight or anything, but definately enough to sting my eyes and make my fingers hurt. It turned out that as hard as the race was the hardest part of the day was trying to get my fingers to turn the key in an attempt at unlocking the doors to my truck.

Will this year be any different? Well, I've got a different bike (not that I'll be suffering any less), the course will be run in the opposite direction (I'll probably still be chasing guys off in the distance) and my new (to me) car has a nifty little button on the key to unlock the doors. Good thing too. The weather calls for some precipitation after 11:00. Race starts @ 10:00. Hmm.

This is probably my least favorite course in the series. I'm not saying it's a bad course. I don't do bad courses. It's got some descent length to it (28 miles) and a fair bit of climbing (3,100ish ft) but from what I remember it's about as technical as riding down your local sidewalk.

Me... for me to have an advantage on a race course it needs to be technical. How about some rocks. I need rocks littering the trail. Enough rocks to make you wonder if you're still on course.... or if there's even a course at all. Even though I'll probably flat.... I love riding in the rocks. How about some roots. Slimy wet roots. Preferably at weird angles across the trail. Even though I'll probably crash... I love riding roots. Throw in some rediculously tight and twisty trail (preferably with low overhanging branches) and some deep wheel swallowing ruts on the high speed sections and I've got myself a course I just might have and advantage on.

Race report Monday... or Tuesday. Or maybe not at all.

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