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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Welp. Mark it. November 3rd. That just might have been the last day for riding on the dirt here in the immediate Truckee area for this season. Don't get me wrong, I'm a "glass is half full" kind of guy but I've already mentally prepared myself for a bit of driving down the hill for my fix of riding before it's "full on" winter and we leave the bikes in trade for skis. I hope I'm eating my words as I clip in and pedal from the house a couple of weeks from now, but I'm not holding my breath.

Let's see... what else. Oh yea! Come one out this Wed (9th) to the Cottonwood to support the Truckee Pump Track. This is going to be a fundraiser for what's sure to be THE best way to tire your arms out in less than a minute on a bike. Check out the latest and greatest on their site. This will probably be one of those events where the chances of winning are on your side.

Other goings ons here at Mighty Mobile have been of the tedious sort. I do some occasional product testing and review for Singletrack.com.... sorta like this one. After a summer of testing out gear -that really wasn't mine- I finally got the call. "Ummm... Gregg..... you still out there? Do you think 4 months is enough time to test out those grips we sent ya? You got any stories?" Yea.... I was slackin'. Sorta.

Truth be told I sorta had my hands full wrenchin' full days and trying to squeeze in a ride here and there during our all too short summer. That being said I had adequate time to test gear but lacked the computer time it takes to actually write about said gear. So, this found me spinnin' wrenches on my own rig a bit of Wed night and most of yesterday morning so I could box up miscelaneous test gear and send it back to VeloNews. I cleaned up the Magura Thor 150 fork that I'd had on the front of my Blur for a while. (Sorry 'bout the scratches on the stanchions boys) Uninstalled the M8 Brakes from the race bike. (Damn those things are light!) Then stripped the remaining 2012 Shimano XT componentry from the Blur.

It's funny how fast old parts come off a bike and how unbelievably long it takes to build it back up. Especially when its a bike being "cobbled" together with parts from various manufacturers with various ideas about compatibility. This inevitably leads to shimming, grinding, bloody knuckles and a fair amount of cussin'.

Welp, hunker down kids. The next phase of snow is due through the night. When it's all over, I'll see ya in the foothills for day trips to ride.... just like you'll probably be doing.

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