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Monday, January 23, 2012

SSWC2012 and other stuff

So, I see that SSWC2012 is in South Africa this year. Feb 18th. No... I won't be heading down to participate, but if I did, I'd surely be taking this bike. It only has one gear. The video of the bike is sorta sub par, probably the exact opposite of riding the thing, but the description (0-60 in 3.6 sec) is what really makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up a bit and make me curious.

Onto other things; The 2012 mileage tally was coming along nicely until old man winter decided that it was time to finally get down to business here in Tahoe dropping a foot of snow at Mighty Mobile World Headquarters and counting. So, it'll be a bit before I swing my leg up and over the saddle again. It's time to strap some lumber on my feet and ski some powder for a while. However, with 11 rides under my belt (it's a nice lightweight belt made of lycra... and carbon fiber) the mileage total stands at 243.31. No, I'm not posting all the rides. You'll get bored. So will I. If you're really that into it, you can click here and surf my Garmin account till you're blue in the face... and arse.

Another reminder; Mighty Mobile is open for business ALL WINTER. Call anytime to schedule a pick up.

1 comment:

BUCK said...

that south african race is on the 29th of Sept. You still have time to plan it out and win it for Jamaica in 2013.