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Friday, November 2, 2012

pump for joy

If you like bikes and beer (c'mon... who doesn't like bikes and beer) then get yourself a designated driver and head on over to the Cottonwood Nov 13th to party down and support our local pump track.

Pumptracks just don't happen people. The guys and gals that make this thing happen have shovels in their hands almost as often as handlebars. Utilizing shovels to make dirt into perfectly sculpted mounds in which to ride ones velocipede over takes more than an afternoon of digging instead of riding... it takes money. Without money, all shovels are good for is this....

.... or this
Looks fun. But not as fun as this....

This photo was taken at the grand opening of the Truckee Pump Track earlier this summer. Opening day was HUGE! Safe to say there were more than a few people there.

And why not. The track was built by a group of people that live, eat and breath bikes. The track has enough variation to keep you busy all day long and irrigation to keep the dust down and the fun factor up. I've been told that this is only the beginning for the pumptrack. The crew has plans for expansion of the area with more lines and jumps in the future. So come on out and support something totally rad on Tuesday Nov 13th. See you there!


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