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Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Day In The Life

A day at Mighty Mobile is always interesting. Regardless of the amount of questions I ask on the phone with a customer, the actuality of the task at hand can be different when I show up. 

Sometimes it's easy. Leaking oil. That needs fixed. Seals.... in stock. 

Sometimes it takes a little longer than originally anticipated. No... I can't just "true it out". But I can build you a wheel.... while you wait.  

Other times the doors to the van don't even make it open. 

Yup. Bikes. Interesting little machines. Sometimes simple and straightforward. 

Other times.... not so much. 

The beauty of being a mobile bike mechanic is that I'm usually never in one spot too long. This makes for an interesting work day. I arrive. Set up. Fix. Chat. Pack up. And I'm on my way again. 

Well, ok. This stop might be a little different. I'll be here all day. No time for chatting. Just time spent with wrenches in hand. Fixing. Testing. Tweaking. Still... life is good. 

I do this because, generally, fixing bikes is very satisfying for me in a weird sort of way. Aside from odd jobs like the "mystery squeak" that can drive a mechanic (and rider) crazy, most things can be worked out with a little time and patience. When the bike is tuned and running like the well oil machine it should be it can make for a damn fine day. Just ask that guy!

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