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Monday, August 4, 2014

Things to watch out for

   Things at Mighty Mobile continue apace. There are some things worth mentioning that ya'll should now about.

    First off, we'll start w/ Sram 10 speed rear derailleurs (although Shimano can suffer from the same issues). If this is your chain management system of choice, it'd be a good idea to keep a keen eye on your inner cable where it is routed through the bend at the rear mech. You're generally looking here.
 Or, more closely and accurately... here.
See those broken strands of cable? Sure you do. Now, walk out to your garage and have a look at your own bike. Make sure yours doesn't look like this one. The worst part of this breakage is that the bike will continue to shift perfectly fine until there are literally just a couple of strands of cable remaining intact which will surely leave you stranded on your next ride. The cables break due to the tight bend of the cable in this area and the imminent flexing that happens to the cable while your bike bounces through rock gardens at 20mph. Don't put too much blame on the equipment here. Anyone that knows exactly how this stuff works is probably as amazed as I am that the stuff actually works in the environment that it lives in doing what we ask it to do.

Next, Sram 11speed rear derailleurs: The main mounting bolt that holds the rear derailleur to the frame comes loose. This bolt (#1/blue) should be checked daily.
The bolts are treated w/ a mild loctite from the factory. I've asked the guys at Sram about this and they advised NOT adding any other loctite to the bolt as the bolt can get too tight in your frame potentially breaking when the derailleur needs removed from the bike. For those not familiar with Srams tech docs, you need a T25 torx wrench to tighten the bolt to 70-88 in-lbs. Not familiar w/ in-lbs? Don't have a torque wrench? Don't worry. Just make sure the damn thing's not obviously loose and falling off your bike!

Rock Shox Reverb dropper seatposts. Yup.... we service those. Prices range from $60-$100 labor plus parts. Call for details.

Wheel builds. Yup. More than ever this year. I've built more wheels with carbon rims this year that those made of that ancient material folks call "metal". Sounds crazy, but I'll bet we're all riding carbon rims in a few more years.

Suspension service. Fox. Rock Shox. Marzocchi. All major parts and seal kits are in stock. Prices vary depending on the service required. On average, you can expect a fork service to run about $100. This includes service on the lowers and air spring with new seals and oil. Rear shocks. $50 average. This includes air sleeve service with new seals and oil. Closer/better estimates upon request.

Mighty Mobile is always stocked with the best equipment for road and mountain bikes. Tires, grips, handlebar tape, cables, housing, brake pads, chains, cassettes, chainrings, pedal cleats... this list goes on.

And as always, the best service... to your doorstep.


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