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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

obsolescence and other stuff you should know about

April 16th. Mark your calenders. It's Sea Otter Classic time again.
To some, Sea Otter means bike racing. To others, it's the time to see just what's new in the cycling industry as many companies use Sea Otter to unveil new product. So.... that shiny new 2015 cutting edge 27.5 enduro rig you just ponied up two pocket fulls of hard earned cash for last October..... yup.... after April 16th you'll learn that it's 17% less stiff, 13.5% less efficient, 10% heavier and the spring rate curve won't be near as effective as what's going to be available in 2016. That's what they'll tell you anyway.
I wonder at what point bikes will surpass the computer industry in regards to how fast something becomes "outdated" or "old" making it's value instantaneously drop like a bag of wet rocks? Re-dic-u-lous.

In other news that actually effects us, it's time to remind ya'll once again about broken rear derailleur cables. Without trying to sound too much like your mom harping on you to "clean your room", I will say that I've seen three cables broken this week and the five seconds it takes to have a quick look at your cable will save you from a potential "bummer situation" on your next ride. Instead of re-spewing pics and info again, you can just have a look at this post I did a while back to get an idea of what to look for.

Also of note: Mighty Mobile will be closed this Saturday and Sunday. We're always closed Sundays.

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