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Gregg Stone
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our turn

Ahhh vacation. Isn't it grand. You get to sleep in, eat out and take life slow. You normal day to day schedule can be thrown out the window with reckless abandonment as you explore a new place, meet new people and get to try new stuff. You've worked hard... or at least hard enough to deserve some time away from the rigors of the "daily grind" and by damned, you're gonna make the most of it!!

If you live in Tahoe, or any other vacation destination, you know the routine. Friends call, ask if you're going to be around, make flight arrangements and before you know it, their in the spare room with luggage strewn about asking you where the best breakfast spot is.

Well, early next month it's our turn! My bea-u-ti-ful girlfriend and I are heading to the Oregon coast. It's our turn to couch surf, sleep until noon, make left turns from the center lane, drive 10mph under the speed limit..... don't honk at me.... I'M A TOURIST DAMMIT!!!!!

Figuring to drive to Bend, do a ride. Then pop over The Sisters the next day to the McKenzie river trail for another sampling of single track. Soak in some hot springs. After that, head further north to Portland for some more couch surfing. Then work our way out to the coast where we'll start to head back south in as lazy of a manner as possible until we run out of time.

So, if you're in Oregon in early October and there's a green Toyota driving way too slow turning right with its left turn signal on.... don't honk. Just remember.... it's our turn!!!!


Bender said...

Its good to see you finally found a girl shorter than you. Or are you just on the high side of that rock. Have fun on vacation ya gaper!

Gregg "Stubbie" Stone said...

Good to see you finally learned how to read.

Bender said...

Hooked on phonics beatch!