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Monday, September 29, 2008

Something new

If yer hankerin' for some new trail this fall, you should head up to the Tahoe Rim Trail and ride the last section heading south into Tahoe City.

Formerly called "Glass Mountain" because of the sound the shale covered riding surface used to make under your tires, the new re-route is far less rocky with sooooo many good views of the Truckee River and Lake Tahoe. This new section is, well.... new. This being the case, expect the trail to be a bit soft in sections. Next spring, this section WILL be rad! Radder that it is now.

I tried to ride this section last Thursday after work. I can tell you that it's dark... DARK in the woods @ 7:15! We stayed on bikes until the bitter end. Then we started the walk of shame that I've done far more times than I'll admit to here in this post. Nothing left to do now but yell "HEY BEAR!"

Meet Jim. Jim is often times the driving force behind anything Rim Trail related. Jim was explaining to us that the main reason for the re-route was drainage and protecting an owl habitat. I think it's because the old section was too rocky for most folks. Whatever the case, the new trail is worth a look.

Megan sets her sights on the lake. This is probably a mile from the end of the trail. This is also right about the point where we started pushing our bikes in the dark last week. I like the trail much better in the daytime.

1 comment:

swithers said...

good thing you learned how to ride those rocks back east....you don't need no stinkin easy trail

sounds kind of similar to east vs west coast skiing and the perception of what ice really is.
east coast rules!!!! at least for learning mad skills, then you can go anywhere

got days open on my schedule for riding, etc for your visit back. see you soon