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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Saddle Sores

Anybody that rides a bicycle for long enough will find him/herself cursed with saddle sores. Usually a few days off the bike will let things clear up a bit and life continues without a hitch. But, what if you need to ride. Say you're on a bike tour. A multi day stage race. Or, the trails are just so good that you can't say no. Stay tuned folks, the answers are coming up!

Ask around and you'll get advice with everything from ointments to putting a raw steak between you and your shammy. I've been doing some searching on the internet machine here at the home office and found some outstanding ideas that just may help.
One thing often overlooked is the size of the saddle on your bike. Got a saddle sore, think more surface area for your backside. Get yourself out of the "saddle" category and put yourself into something that's described as more of a "seat". This model (below) will definitely let you use your whole butt and is probably IDEAL for a road bike or commuter application. However, this model may present some issues when trying to get behind the seat during a steep descent on a mountain bike. It's probably also a bit on the heavy side.

To address the weight issue, there's the half moon saddle to satisfy all you racer types. This little beauty will let you disperse your cheeks over a bigger area and is a little more stylie than the previous model. But we still have the issue of getting behind the saddle on the ATB. (that's All Terrain Bicycle for those not in the know) Ahh, the search continues.

Enter The Spongy Wonder Seat. Light weight with good looks (comparatively). Those wiley Canucks sure did their homework on this one. With four models to choose from, the sky's the limit. Get one for each bike in the quiver. I'd consider this an "equal opportunity bike" kind of seat that will work well on everything from road to mountain.

Don't like the looks of any of those seats? Why not try a recumbent bike? This design lets you get your whole ass on the seat.... reminiscent of a couch. Plus their soooooo cool. Don't take my word for it, just look at this guy! Seems happy enough.

Plus, if you ride a recumbent, it will take you back to your formative years. Even if you don't currently ride bikes, you surely remember the infamous Big Wheel! Ahhh, plastic wheeled freedom at its finest. I logged more that a few miles on mine when I was just a wee lad and I never ever remember having saddle sores. You?

Still not satisfied? Ok. One more for ya. The Flying Squirrel Bike". I think this could really be the answer. It requires a commitment of some special clothing, necessitates that there be someone available to "rig you up", limits you to road rides and certainly won't climb that well (I actually don't even know if this can climb at all) but it takes all, and I mean ALL of the pressure off your "nether-regions". Isn't that what we were going for in the first place?

So, there you have it. The choice is yours. So many ways to avoid the all too common saddle sores.

Ed Note: The opinions expressed in the above story are soley that of the author and are not to be taken seriously, lightly, mildly or really even taken at all. The author, authors girlfriend, authors dog, authors friends and riding partners hereby exquibe all exquibeable abilities to hereon postedness within thusly.

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Aaron said...

Did David, the Spaniard, read this? He's got the most killer Blur LT but it's got the weirdest seat ever.