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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Racing Bikes

What is it about racing bikes that is so addictive. If you were to ask me about racing while suffering up some hateful climb in the middle of a hot sunny day, I'd likely say that it was my last time undertaking such stupidity. Why not. With sweat stinging my eyes, my ass being ground thinner by the minute and my legs feeling like a mega cramp fest is juuuuuussst around the corner it's hard to keep the pedals turning. Hungary? You bet... but you don't have time to eat. That guy just up ahead is probably in your class! Thirsty? Sure... but bouncing down rocky trails on a single speed, blurry eyed on the edge of crashing (and pinch flatting) makes it difficult for one to grasp that bottle on your downtube containing the very liquid you need to survive. I should add that the liquid you're craving is going to be hot from baking in the sun on the a fore mentioned climb and the valve on your bottle, on which you'll be putting your sun caked lips, is covered in.... well.... let's just hope it's only dirt.

Fortunately, there is another side to racing. There are those times when "you're on" and things are going your way. The climb... yea, it was sunny, but that gallon on water you chugged on the way to the race payed off. Hungary? Sure. Good thing you took a few extra seconds to force down a gel pack on that last section of fire road. Thirsty? Yep. And I'm drinking too. Every chance I get helping me stay hydrated and lightening my bike with every sip. It also helps if you're lucky enough to be catching other riders while racing....keeps you're head in the game.

Sooooo, where am I going with all of this since there's 5 feet of snow in my yard and I haven't touched a bike in weeks?????

Ladies first. Let's get all of our collective energy together and focus it towards our local hero Katerina Nash as she prepares for the Cyclocross Worlds in the Czech Republic. Good luck Katerina. Give 'em hell girl!!

Secondly: Start training your pointer finger for ultra fast mouse clicking as registration for the Downieville classic opens Feb 19th at 8:00PM... sharp. This race sells out faster than your favorite line disappears at Squaw Valley on a powder day. Seriously, you've probably got about 10 seconds to do some serious double clicking to secure yourself a starting position for this race. Friggin' ridiculous. I'm doing some pointer finger exercises right after this post so I'm prepared.

Last but not least is The Great Ski Race. Some call it the "Tahoe Olympics". It's a little akin to Single Speed Worlds in that you line up with about 1,000 skiers and see everything from the seasoned pro that's going to beat you by a long shot to... well... this guy.... who may also beat you. In any case, it's a great race (it even says so in the name) w/ a good vibe, great course and free beer at the finish. The race benefits Tahoe Search and Rescue as a little "icing on the cake".

So, common'! Grab some lycra and powerbars and get you suffer on!!

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