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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Trails report

Man this place (Truckee) is soooo friggin' cool. Skied Squaw Monday. Conditions were a solid "meh". Good enough to stay for most of the day, but not good enough to go back the next.

So, we loaded up some bikes and headed down to the foothills for some mountainbiking. Within' 10 minutes from the car everyone was down to shorts and t-shirts. Not only were the temperatures perfect for riding, the trail condtions were also quite nice. Very little mud. No trees down on the pioneer and only a couple trees down on the "secondary trails" off the Pioneer.

The Pioneer trail was pretty much snow free all the way to Whitecloud Campground. I'm guessing you could get another mile or so above that before things start to "fall apart".

We experimented with some new trails behind the Harmony Ridge Market that proved to be soooo not interesting. Enticing single track the quickly terminated into service roads. We soldiered on in hopes that some more single track would pick back up... but it wasn't happening.

We "topped out" just beyond Whitecloud Campground on the Pioneer trail where we were going to try yet another trail I found last year. All four of us stood at the top of said trail wondering if it went anywhere. If it did, where would it go. And lastly, how bad would the "suck factor" be if we had to come back out (it's more than a little steep). After checking the time and realizing our energy level (or lack thereof) we decided that the smart thing to do was to park closer than 15 miles from this trail to try again.

Wow, are we getting smart... or soft?


Craig said...

Good to know thanks for trail report. I figured the trails would be a bag of dicks!Mtn bike is on!

Larry the Legend said...

"with age comes wisdom", once you get to a certain age, that's what they call it.