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Monday, August 23, 2010


So much going on right now. It seems like only a few weeks ago that Downieville happened, but upon looking at a calendar the reality is that it's been a while. As the days come and go summer moves forward like a freight train coming off Donner Summit with a full load and an engineer that has a cavalier attitude coupled with a hatred for the brake pedal (which I'm only guessing that in a train it's more than just a pedal... probably a big lever or something).

Things at Might Mobile are good. Although I still find myself hunched over in the back of the van doing projects that have nothing to do with bikes, my program gets a little more streamlined with each and every hole drilled, hook put up, this put over here, that put over there....it's a labor of love i guess.... or madness??

Work isn't the only thing I've been doing. I've been gettin' after it on the bike. Ridin' like crazy. Doin' some racin' too. Don't know what got into me this year, but I've had the desire to plunk my hard earned $$ on the registration table, zip tie a number plate on the front of my bike and go like hell at the sound of the gun. It's been working out pretty good too. With one more race to go at the Northstar XC series, I'm pretty sure I've got the points to win the overall. I'm also winning the points battle in the
Nevada State Championship series with one more round to go. I heard that if you win the series, you're rewarded with a fanny pack, some cigarettes and a stack of poker chips! Can't wait. Later this week, I'll be heading to Lake Sonoma to do battle on a course that's listed as having 8,000ft of climbing in 35 miles! I've seen the elevation profile for this race and it looks more like a readout from an EKG machine than something you should be riding a bicycle over. There are literally NO flat spots on the chart. Meh. I think I'll run some gears for this one.

Otherwise, I've got my dad in town this week. Ya know how cyclist always seem to know about the neat stuff on YouTube? Well, my Dad's a carpenter, so he knows about stuff like
this. Interesting.

Also, I did this a while ago but will didn't go public with it until now. I scanned some older pics from way back when and put them up on my online photo gallery. Quite the
blast from the past. I'll leave you with that for now.

Enjoy and keep the rubber side down.

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Jacob said...

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