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Thursday, August 26, 2010

temp trail closures

I received an email the other day about some temporary trail closures in our area. I guess the woods are getting a "make over" in the Sawtooth ridge area. The following is quoted from the email I received.

"wanted to give you a heads up about some temporary trail closures. During the month of September Bill Banka (our forester) will have crews doing fire hazard reduction work in the areas of the 2 Bridges and 2 Beavers and a Bear trails. Who named those anyways? Nice trail signs by the way, I don't get out there too often. The plan is to not disturb the trail too much but it is likely that there will be some timber across them from time to time. I thought I would give you a heads up and ask for any help you can provide getting the word out to the xc community. The closure signs were put in place today and two beavers was poached within 5 minutes. I wasn't surprised."

Otherwise, I had an interesting time the other morning while riding the nature trail in Tahoe Donner where I managed to tear a hole in the sidewall of my rear tire. Before I rolled to a stop, I remembered that my pump was taped to the top of my cross bike.... miles away from where I was at the moment. Meh. After a nice walk in my super comfortable cycling shoes (I'm kidding here people) I made it out to the rec center and happened across 3 lads gearing up for an epic ride and borrowed their floor pump. Thanx guys! Hope you found the connector to Hole in The Ground ok.
Other-otherwise, If you see this guy anywhere in you travels.....

..... ask him if he's registered for the race yet? Remind him of how much fun he had at that race (sswc05) and how much fun this race will be.

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