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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm Back

Not that I really went anywhere.
Seems as though I was having a little battle with Tomi to see who could win the "who's gonna let their blog run idle" contest. And by damned... I won! It might have been a better contest had Tomi actually known he was in one. Meh. I celebrated my "victory" with a face lift to the look of this here blog thingy. Black... just like Johnny Cash would've done.
So, what's new? Well, not a ton really. As far as Mighty Mobile is concerned, the shelves are full of the goodies that we all need and require to make our bikes ride the way we want/need them to. Tires, cables, housing, brake pads, drivetrain parts, rims, spokes, fork seals.... everything's a go! There's not a ton new or changed since last year. I'll get more into the nooks and crannies of what's new in future posts.
If you've been thinking of getting some service on your ride, you're not alone. Mighty Mobile's been running anywhere from 3 to 7 days out on service as of late. Call anytime for an appointment.
Skiing. Yep. I did that a few times this year. But literally only a few. Lack luster snow on the days I had for skiing. The only records I broke this year for skiing were in the "least days" and "shitty snow" categories. Unless you count cross country skiing. Keeping a nice xc ski track in down the street from the house was easier than ever this year. Sure did keep the dog happy.
After not swinging my leg over a bike (other than test rides) for over a month I decided to head to the Bay area last weekend and do an underground ride in China Camp. As if 55 miles and 11,000ft of climbing (yes, this IS possible in China Camp) off the couch weren't enough to get my legs and arse into riding shape we continued the trip to Santa Cruz for two more days of single track bliss. Heads up if you're heading that way, I've never seen so much poison oak condensed into one spot. Bring the Tecnu!
As for riding in Truckee, it's juuuusssst starting to show signs of dirt. There's some snow in the forecast for this week, but with the suns long hang time these days, snow won't hang around too long on lower elevation and south facing trails. Get ready folks, mountain biking from your house is right around the corner. Get ready.

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