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Friday, June 1, 2012

Watch out folks

Looking ahead in my appointment book tells me that I'll be spending the first half of Sunday doing support for "Americas Most Beautiful Bike Ride". For me this means flat tires, broken spokes and bikes that won't shift. For you this means that you'll see 3,000 of my closest friends (kidding) riding five wide on the hwy 89 and the entire perimeter of Lake Tahoe (unfortunately not kidding).

If you're doing the ride, great. Good for you. It's a bute. Personally, I'd suggest just sticking to the 74 mile loop around the lake and use the extra time for cocktails and hanging out. Adding the out and back on Hwy 89 just to make it a century is sort of a buzz kill if you ask me. Cars. Poor road surface. An almost garanteed headwind. Yik.

Regardless of the option you decide to pedal, please do the other bazillion people operating vehicles on the same roads as you a favor and ride single file. It's not a race, the roads aren't closed to traffic and there are bad drivers everywhere.... PROBABLY TEXTING!!! WTF!

Whatever you're doing this weekend, have fun, be safe and see ya next time.

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