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Saturday, January 19, 2013


After a long (for me) hiatus from the bike I finally got out for a good one yesterday. Skiing has been/will be good this winter, but there's something about a nice long bike ride that just makes things right. Spending the better part of the day on trail with friends is THE best way for me to relax, regroup and sort out stuff that's been "at me".

Did you waste 3 hours of your life watching the Lance and Oprah interview. Yup. Me too. I watched the "confession" online and about the only thing I learned was that Oprah's choice of music and background image during the breaks was actually more painful to sit through than what I'm assuming were actual commercials on the TV broadcast. That still didn't stop me from watching the second night. Sometimes I amaze myself at my ability to needlessly suffer.

This is the time of year where Mighty Mobile compiles all of its "numbers" in preparation for tax time and makes me realize that, although I love what I do and will keep doing what I do, there's no lakefront property in my future. I'm almost positive I could make more money (with benefits) working for someone else doing something else.... but I wouldn't be happy. Although money can sometimes help, it doesn't always equate to happiness. For all the people that email me looking for advice on how they can get a mobile bike repair service up and running (yes, this actually happens) I tell you this; If you really really really like working on bikes (as well as office work, customer service, answering emails, doing orders, repairing and maintaining your work rig and being a slave to your cell phone most of the year) and don't mind working a lot of 12 hour days in the middle of summer while the rest of your friends are out shredding trail, then this job's for you! If this sounds like a lot of work that's because IT IS a lot of work. But again... sometimes I amaze myself at my ability to needlessly suffer.      


RyFo said...

Stubbie - I, too, spent an unnecessary amount of time 'reconfirming' that Lance is a douchebag. He calls it being a 'bully'. No, he's a douchebag. With crazy cheekbones.

Regarding the idea that one can make more money working for someone else doing something else - you are right. And I spent an unnecessary amount of time 'reconfirming' that I was the douche for doing so. Hell, I'm still doing it - hopefully not for long. Becuase in the end, you're doing some mundane job, counting down the hours until you can ride or ski, and are simply a gear in the engine with a nice watch and a flossy haircut.

At Mighty Mobile, you make people happy, breathe life bak into their antiquated 'race bikes', and can ride when you want (IE. Oakridge, PA, Sun Valley), while other suckers like me have to O.K. it with The Man first. If you want to make more money, you should start custom anodizing parts for your clients. Hear it's coming back...

Anonymous said...

Anodizing sounds toxic (coming from an ex painter who's huffed too many fumes). However... great mechanics are hard to find these days & what comes natural is where the currency is. If people can see the value, they'll find a way to find the money. A friend of mine starting upping her rates for her business & people are paying them. E