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Saturday, March 16, 2013

If only

If Id'a just waited two more days it would've been a solid two months since my last post. Slacker... I know. Been busy. Bikes, skis, taxes, life... the laundry list (oh, i've been doing laundry too) is long and never ending regardless of how fast you conquer tasks or goals of the day.

Definitely been thinking of summer. Not rushing it's anticipation or anything. Believe me, if/when it snows again I'll be reaching for the skis and heading out to one of our local zones for a day of schussing. But man have the past few days been nice or what! I washed the car in the driveway on Monday in shorts and a t-shirt while the dog slept in the middle of the street soaking up the sunshine and heat of the pavement. Yep, won't be long and we'll be talking about what's rideable and making bets on when -insert trail name here- is rideable.

Riding: Obviously the riding in the foothills has been off the hook for many weeks now.
  • Auburn: has the type of dirt right now that makes it well worth the drive down there.
  • Nevada City: is good to go up to Whitecloud campground. The trails closer to town are in amazing condition currently. If the weather stays anywhere near what we've been having, we're about three weeks out from riding everything down there.
  • Downieville: has more than just "the downhill". Check out the N. Yuba trail which heads downriver from town. This trail has two sections and is really, really, really fun. There's also Halls Ranch/Fiddle Creek. Also fun but really, really, really hard.
  • Reno: is a love it or hate it kind of place. I've embraced Reno for both its multitude of trails and apres' dining choices. Although I haven't ridden down there yet this year, I know it's good to go.
  • Truckee: is about three weeks out from riding some very select south facing terrain. You gotta know where to look, but it's out there.
I was going to try and link maps and info to these spots, but since that takes time and effort I'll just say "give me a call" instead. The conditions change daily and I can usually give some good direction and advise over the phone.

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