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Saturday, April 12, 2014

It's 2015

    Though your calender may beg to differ, it's 2015 as far as the bike industry is concerned. 
    Most people think of the Sea Otter Classic as a bike race, but with 450 exhibitors on hand at Leguna Seca it's just as much a bike show as it is a bike race. For years, companies have been using the Sea Otter as an unveiling period to show us that even though you just took out a second mortgage to put that dream bike together two weeks ago, it's already starting to get outdated.  
    As an industry dude, I'm always trying to educate myself on what's happening in "bike world" so I can be as informed as possible when y'all come asking about doo-dad to nic-nak compatibility and when the latest something or other will be available. 
    Wanna waste time in the morning like I do? Then grab a cup of coffee, get your clicker warmed up and surf around on some of the links below. 
    Bike Rumor: This is a daily stop for me. Updated frequently, contains descent photos and some classic comments. (note: i actually hate the comments section, but some can be quite entertaining)
    Pink Bike: Pretty similar to Bike Rumor. Some minor differences here and there. 
    Bike Magazine: In case you don't like the other two.
   MTBR.com: Again.... lots of the same, but you can't waste an entire morning unless you visit multiple sites.

   After a thorough perusing of the interwebs you'll surely be late for work because you just had to know what an "automatic adjusting negative air chamber" did, how many parts will you need to convert your Chris King hubs to 11 speed and your brain will probably hurt from reading about such technological wizardry such as Shimano's new "four-piece chainring, bonded from aluminum, carbon fiber and capped with titanium teeth"....those sound cheap? 
   Wondering what I've seen at Sea Otter that I like best? Well, it's probably not something I'll buy anytime soon, but ya never know. 


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