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Saturday, April 5, 2014


     The bike industry. What a place. Talk to any shop owner/employee and you're sure to hear frustrating stories of parts that weren't shipped, companies that don't call you back, orders that got "held up" and the ever popular "blame it on the other guy" scenario.
      I used to do the parts ordering and warranties at a shop years ago and had an item in need of warranty service. Every morning for three mornings in a row I'd start my day by calling our rep (lets call him Tom) and leave him a message about said warranty product. All day the shop phone would ring, but it was never Tom. On the fourth day, I made my daily call to Tom but instead of leaving a message about needing help with a warranty item I said that we were doing a sale to a "huge group of people" and I needed to place and order that would be "very large", possibly even requiring freight service. Of course, none of this was true. There was no "huge group of people" or "very large order". I hung up the phone and walked to the bakery behind the shop. That trip for a cup of house blend coffee and a glazed doughnut of epic proportions took all of 6 minutes. Upon my return to the shop I was told that Tom was on hold on line 1. Hmm. I picked up the phone with an anxious Tom on the other end of the line inquiring about our "very large order". Five minutes later, I had a return authorization number for my warranty item and a heartfelt talk with Tom on his lack of customer service skills as our rep. Bastard.
     Fortunately it's not always like this. If it were, I'd go postal! This week I was in contact with Woolf Tooth components about setting up an account. Within an hour I had a response from sales (Brendan) and after going through the normal process of credential verification and whatnot I placed an order. The parts arrived in a timely fashion, the order was complete and my customer had his bike back for the weekend... just like it's supposed to work. That being said, Mighty Mobile Bicycle Repair proudly is a dealer of and highly recommends Wolf Tooth components.

    So, this morning... I raise my coffee mug to Brendan at Wolf Tooth for doing something as simple as filling an order, putting it in a box and shipping it out. Amazing. Thank you.

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