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Gregg Stone
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Attack Of The Butterflies

After signing up for the Sierra 100, I remembered the fact that I haven't done a ride over 4 hours since some time in April. Soooooooo, yesterday I pedaled away from the house at 7:15 and embarked on a mission.

Took the new connector from my house to Tahoe Donner. Got a little lost.... trail's not done yet. Up through TD to the xc center, continue up to the Drifter hut. Descend TD Rim Trail. New connector to Summit Lake. Summit Lake to Hole in the Ground. Hole in the Ground to the Deli on Old hwy 40. We've been at it for 5 1/2 hours at this point. Eat lots of food. Probably too much. I like Moon Pies. Continue west on Old hwy 40, climb Mt Judah. Descend Emigrant Trail. Get slightly confused towards the bottom. Turn around and find train tracks. Tracks to JP Trail. JP's to town. Climb Northwoods. Nature Trail to rec center. Climb to water tank. Try the new connector again that takes me back to the house.... much better navigation this time around. Arrived at the house, it's 4:45.

George searches for his butterfly tazer only to realize that he's left it at home.

Mark asks me if he's seen his can of Whoop Ass that he promised to give me earlier in the day.

View from the cockpit

After 4 hours and 4,000ft of climbing, Mark starts to get his in his groove.


Bender said...

What are those things on your handlebars next to your brake levers? You gettin soft on us?

Gregg "Stubbie" Stone said...

When your bike's 40lbs, you're allowed to shift.