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Friday, August 8, 2008

Northstar Race Recap #4

Lap 1: Usual fast paced start. Snot flying. People suffering. Gears shifting. 4 of us reached the top of the first climb together. After last weeks dust ingestion while trailing my evil twin Kenny, I decided to go for broke, hit the big ring and crested the top out front.... hurting. I could hear somebody back there. Didn't care who. Just didn't wanna flat. After a bit of descending the clanking, shifting and heavy breathing behind me went silent. I was glad. Now the plan shifted to getting as much of a gap as possible on the remaining descent knowing that there were better climbers behind me that were sure to catch me on.......

Lap 2: There they are, not too far behind. Seth Wealing, winner from round two. Behind him, Kurt Shoemig, winner from round three! Super! No time for reflection on stats now. Just keep pushing on. 2/3rds to the top. Switchbacks. Seth's gaining on me. Fortunately he's not close enough to hear me breathing. If he were, he'd know I'm in trouble. I hold him off and hop into the woods in the lead position once again having clear, dust free descent. This time I'm relaxed. Railing corners. Riding good lines. "DING" Shit! That was my front rim hitting a rock. I'm waiting for the flat. Waiting. Waiting. Still rolling. Waiting. Still has air. Amazing. I try to really get myself relaxed toward the bottom before starting the third and final climb still in disbelief that I've still got air in my front tire.

Lap 3: For the first time in the series, I feel relatively good starting the climb of the final lap. A look back confirms that I've put some time on the bunch on the last descent. I have a good go of it and am able to relax at the top, stretch out the back and get ready for the descent to the finish.

Interesting notes from the race:

Mario got lost... again. Funny thing is, this is the same course that we did for round one where he got off course taking me with him.

Jason Moeschler was M.I.A. No doubt doing something more insane than we were doing.

The cookie selection was top notch making it hard to not stop mid race.

Aaron decided to sit this race out claiming that he's waiting for a rigid fork for his bike to make things more challenging. Sikko.

For those that care, results here.

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