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Thursday, December 25, 2008


..... that was interesting.

Snowblowing the driveway took waaayyyyyy longer than anticipated. The berm at the bottom of the driveway was up to my chest with the rest of the driveway so deep it was alllllmost over the bucket on the blower. To add to the fun I decide I would get just a little bit closer to the woodpile while snow blowing the deck munching the corner of the tarps in the process. That's a fun (not) experience I hope to never have again.

Once dug out, Megan and I decided that even though it was 12:30 we'd still try and sneak a quick lap on Jakes or Hidden peak. After an epic drive we arrived at Hidden to see some parking spots plowed out but no existing skin track. Typically I don't mind breaking trail, but since it was approaching 2 bells, we continued a few minutes south to try our luck at Jakes. We arrived to see one car in the parking lot, skin track installed. BINGO! If you drive a white Astro van with a camper conversion.... THANKS HEAPS!! We owe you one.

Nice hike up. Still snowing. Heavy at times. Turns on the way back down were everything you would expect from waist deep, bottomless blower pow. Moments of no sight... no problems. We stayed to the skiers right of the skin track leaving the steeper chutes to the left for another day when we had more than an hour of daylight left and maybe a little more coverage. Gotta stay smart out there. Even though Tommi will find this slightly amusing, things are still a little thin out there for us in Tahoe.

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