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Thursday, December 11, 2008


My how time flies. It seems like only yesterday I was zipping around in the Mighty Mobile truck with the appointment book open in the passenger seat, tools clanging around in the back and doughnut crumbs in my lap while I was on my way to help out someone with miscellaneous this and thats on their bike. However, having actually looked at my appointment book and my bank account recently I've realized I haven't been really doing much in the way of work in quit some time. Sure, there's been a fork re-build here and a brake bleed there, but for the most part....... I'VE BEEN RIDING!!!!!

And why not. Just like last fall, the trails in the Tahoe area have been "off the hizzy" as my friend Tom Miller would say. (Note: off the hizzy = good trails) Along with countless rides right here in good ole' Truckee, some highlights lately have been Santa Cruz, Downieville, a slightly shortened version of the 4-20 ride and a visit to the freeride trails up at....... let's just say their close by. Yesterday while riding Tahoe Donner trails I was once again trying to fill every bike loving nook and cranny with the feeling of being on the bike because while surfing some weather the other day I saw......

...... the snow icon!!!

Now, I'm OK with the fact that I've been refered to as "a biker living in a ski town". I truly love to ski, but I'll be the first to admit that I'm not into "searching out the goods" weeks after that last storm to try and find good snow to ski. I ski enough to know when "it's good" truly means it's good. To some people, "good snow" means that they linked three turns in succession in favorable conditions. What they didn't tell you is that they spent most of the day skiing broken crust, bullet proof snow or otherwise "variable conditions" to find those one or two spots on the hill where the skiing was truly "good". On days like that, you'll find me with a bike in the back of the truck heading down to the foothills where the trails are in perfect condition and the weather usually calls for shorts allowing you to get some sun on something other than just your neck and face.

But, if it's gonna snow....... BRING IT ON!!!! It seems like only yesterday that we were.......


Tomi said...

back to reality here my friend, 3 solid days of 35-40deg rain....

Bender said...

Thats it! I'm copyrighting my photos from now on.