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Friday, January 9, 2009

getting smarter

The new calendar year makes me think back as well as look forward. I guess you could say I have some "new years resolutions" but I try and not limit myself to setting goals to one time period in any given year.... although i might have a better success ratio if i did.

My easiest resolution for 09 might be more fun for me than the other party involved. Don't get me wrong, I'm not turning to robbing and looting for 2009.... the bike repair thing should keep bill collectors off my back. No friends, my easy resolution will be more akin to the kid looking up to the dad asking "why's the sky blue?" I probably have the government to thank for this one. As I paid my last quarterly taxes for 2008, I asked myself "why do I have to do this" and "where is that money really going". Am I funding for things that will make a difference in my town and my country or is my money being used for a day of golfing for our elected officials. Don't worry Arnie... I paid my California sales tax for the business as well so you can buy some more of those fancy cigars you smoke as you drive around in you're HUMMER (big car/big text).

So, with all the "why's, where's and how's" I'll be asking this year, you can expect more in depth blogging from me.... or maybe I'll just blow it off and write funny jokes instead. In any event.... stay tuned.

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BUCK said...

Happy BIrthday and shit!