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Saturday, January 17, 2009

winter or summer??

No new snow. Bluck. sure, you can head out and find some corn skiing... like yesterday at negro canyon. But it's January!!! Corn snow isn't something we typically think about until April or May.
It's no secret that Tahoe hasn't had a dose of winter in quite some time. Since Christmas to be exact. The past few weeks have been spent skiing some groomers, getting the legs in skiing shape in anticipation of some big ski days and listening to some music on the new i-pod. It's been fun, but not what I'd call ideal.
So, Thursday I loaded up the bike and headed down to Auburn for a ride. With temps in the mid 60's and a solid crew we set off on a 35ish mile point to point. It felt good to be turning the pedals, sweating and not having to pile on the layers to keep warm. I don't necessarily think I forgot how much fun riding bikes in the dirt really was, but MAN it felt good!! The riding in the foothills is ALL TIME right now. You can't ask for more traction laden conditions, little to no other riders on the trails and temps that are so much more welcome when compared to Truckee.
Sure, I can't wait until "old man winter" shows his face again, but until that happens, I think I'll touch base with some friends in Santa Cruz and maybe do a little road trip next week to do some more rides.

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