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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

sometimes you're the windshield....

......sometimes you're the bug.

so, santa cruz didn't happen. dreams of warm sun, siuous single tracks and good times with friends got traded for a tight chest, achy muscles and congestion as my body decided to get sick instead. seems to be a "rights of passage" at the start haus recently. (ski shop where i work) so much in fact that the owner of the shop bought everyone B-12 booster shots at the docs office across the street. got mine yesterday. must say, i do feel better, but you probably won't see me out on the hill this week. i'll be spending my two days off watching sub-par tv while coughing, whipping my nose and generally feeling the opposite of good.

registration for sswc09 closes this friday!! i still have some coloring to do on my regi form, but i'm well on my way. my artwork should be hitting the mail tomorrow. durango. never been there. can't wait. hope darla (my truck) makes the trip.
tahoe is finally breaking from its high pressure weather system. probably not enough to get too excited, but at least it's cloudy today with moderate precip in the forecast for the next four days. a glimmer of hope at least.

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