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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Parts Bag

Aah, the used parts bag. A retrospect to what once was and shall never be again. So.... then why do I give old parts back?? I really dunno. I guess it's something I'd like to see if it was my bike that just got fixed. Maybe I'd want those old parts back so I could throw them across the driveway in a fit of rage, stomp on them with my foot in anger or sacrificially burn them at the next pre-ride camp out. I've seen recycling taken to "the next level" with old bike parts and the used parts bag really gives an opportunity to get the creative juices flowing..... or you could just throw them in the trash. In any event, I like the used parts bag.
Contents of the bag above: First off we have that odd looking stuff that looks like a lock of Barbies hair. It's actually a derailleur cable made by Power Cordz. You can click on the link to see just what their all about, but I can tell you that the Power Cordz turn into a huge mess when the cable anchor bolt washer tab (that's the other part in the bag) breaks off causing the washer to spin and the cable to get pulled in all the wrong directions.
The other stuff in the bag is electrical tape. With 1000's of uses, electrical tape shows up everywhere on bikes. This particular time around it was used to hold the front brake line on the fork. I dug around in my parts bin and found something a little nicer to hold the brake line in place. This bike is heading for round one of the Nevada State Championships after all and if ya look fast you'll feel fast and if ya feel fast you'll be fast.... at least that's what I hope for this guy. Good luck George!

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