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Friday, April 24, 2009

FTR 2009

Clikcy takes you to FTR photo album.

It's Tuesday, late morning.... the day after FTR. I'm test riding a customers bike triple checking the adjustments I've just made. I feel like I'm sitting on sandpaper, really rough sandpaper. I think back to yesterdays ride and realize that a sore "keister" is a small price to pay for what could be one of the most epic rides of my summer. The bar has been set for 2009.

Riding in the foothills this time of year is unbelievable. The dirt on the trails is dark, chocolaty brown and it inspires you to push the limits of traction. I find myself riding down there this time of year as much as possible. It'll only be a few more weeks and we'll have more than enough riding in Truckee keeping us entertained for the rest of the summer.

This years FTR was a point to point. For all the logistical issues that arise with shuttles, meeting spots and directions to places in the middle of nowhere, a ride that starts in one spot and ends in another make it all worth while. It turns the day into an adventure. The thought of swimming, clean clothes and cold beer make me keep pedalling towards the final destination.

You know it's gonna be good when your fixing the sidewall on your tire.... before the ride even starts.

You look like this......

..... when your frame looks like this....

.... then you get a replacement bike and suddenly everything's A-O-K.

You can't have an epic without some hike-a-bike.

One of many rest stops. The Helipad.

Single speed. Single brake. Multi skilled. JP.

J-Millz. The 20 switchbacks trail.

Scotts Flat reservoir.

"Honey, I probably won't be home in time for dinner."

D-man. Miners Trail.

This climb sucked.

Round Mountain. Close to the end.

The trails end.


Tomi said...


Craig said...

Did ya'all break the 18 the rider record from last year?

Stubbie said...

22 riders this time around.