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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Faze 3

OK, so there have been WAY more that 3 phases of working on the van, but I think that the majority of the work has happened on 3 days. Yesterday was one of those days.

The piano hinge was installed on the work bench. The hinge is 56" long with 56 screws to hold it in place. I'm glad to have experience mounting ski bindings as I'm sure it helped with the successful layout and installation of the hinge. Well, that and some advice from my dad who runs a successful home repair business on the east coast.

Next was making some access holes in the bench for the support cables and installing a latch to keep the bench up when in drivin' instead of wrenchin'.

The empty beer bottles on the previous photo were the result of getting these bolts in place. Getting this bolt fed through the side of the door frame was no easy task... trust me. The access hole for the bolt is around the right side (where you can't see) and up a tad. There is very, very limited room inside the door frame where the bolts need to go and they just loved to slip out of my fingers and fall down to the bottom of the door frame which just happens to be 20" deep and fully enclosed. The only way to retrieve the bolts was with a telescoping magnet... a super lucky impulse buy at the hardware store. I probably dropped that bolt down into the confines of the door frame no fewer than 15 times.

Once the support bolts were in place it was time to put them into action and run the cables. With a 750lb load limit the bench is ready to take on some frozen bolts, stuck pivot pins or anything else that needs some serious "elbow grease" behind it.

Then it was time for more layout work. This is the finalest of final places that the tool board will pivot.... or at least it's damn close.

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