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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ride Break

After realizing that I can't convert a Chevy Van into a bike shop in ten days (my original time estimate) it didn't take long to realize that what I really should be doing is RIDING!! And that's just what I did.

Megan and I headed down to Nevada City to do a little single track delight. We stayed in the "mid section" of the Burlington Ridge where the mud was minimal and the temps were ideal, so much in fact that we ended up staying out for almost 5 hours! How good was it?? Well, it was good enough to make Megans pigtails glow AND good enough to not even think twice about going down there the very next day and do it allllll over again. Even found some new trails! Some times you just gotta look around and "think outside the box".

If you've ever thought about checking out some of the trails down there, NOW'S THE TIME!! Unless of course you DON'T like: spring flowers, tacky dirt, no dust, bermed corners, perfect temps, exploring new trails.... the list goes on. Don't know where to ride.... try this guys site. He's got maps on there that are perfect to get you going. There's also a killer map available at the Ranger Station in Nevada City called the South Yuba Recreation Map. I got that map from those guys about 7 years ago and have been exploring its possibilities every chance I get in the spring and fall.

See you on the trail.

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