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Monday, December 24, 2012



The holidays are nipping at my heels like a cattle dog straight off the farm and WOW am I off the back. With most stores only open for "limited hours" today I still find myself in a position of being in need of more than a few items. I'm sure todays lunch break from the ski store will be an interesting hour of scrambling in an attempt at finding everything from playdough to powertools. I'm sure the streets of Truckee will be free of traffic and I'll just be able to "zip" in and out of a few local stores.... NOT!! Traffic in town the past few days is typical of what it's usually like in the Bay Area or LA... probably because most of the people in town right now are from the Bay Area or LA.

As is typical, utilizing a bicycle would normally help with my navigation through town but the 3 feet of snow that just puked all over the streets of Truckee limits my usual "bobbing and weaving" capabilities while aboard the bike. Although the streets are plenty navigable the normal bike riding options of cruising the sidewalk, cutting through the grass at the bank and passing cars stacked up at the stupid 3 way stop sign in Old Town just aren't possible with piles of head high snow in every direction. Meh. Whaddayagonnado?

Last but not least, Merry Christmas!! As Mighty Mobile Bike Repair is a unique service and business model, it's only appropriate that it send out some holiday cheer that's a little "outside the box". Enjoy.

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