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Thursday, December 6, 2012

I'm back...

... I mean... MY BACK.

Yup. Threw my back out again. Actually, it's just on the cusp of being throw out. I've been here before. Ordinarily I don't have back problems but on the occasions when I do, it's usually something I can feel coming on and don't do anything about.

It's something that goes like this: I'm busily doing (insert project here). I feel a tightness in my back while doing (inserted project). I stop for a second and think about the ramifications of continuing on with (inserted project), realize that if I stop doing (inserted project), take an Advil and relax for a few hours things will probably be fine. It's usually at that point that I grab (insert something grab able here) and continue on with (inserted project) and an hour later.... wah lah.... my back seizes up and I spend the next couple of days laying on the floor of the living room watching TV.

This time, however, was different. Don't get me wrong, I didn't stop doing (inserted project) which in this case were projects (plural). No. I'm way too stubborn for that kind of logical thinking. I continued on with getting a Cervelo restrung with new internally routed shift cables (a rant worthy for an entire post someday), revamping a sweet ass Fat Chance and installing new shifters and rear derailleur on an old Kona. Oh, I also helped the UPS man bring in a few boxes from an order I did a couple of days ago.

Yup, stupid.


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