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Friday, December 21, 2012

the shortest day

So, not only did the world continue on with its ways today instead of coming to an end as was forecast by the Mayan calendar, but the sunrise from my bedroom window was amazing!

The Mayan calender world ending thing is also tied in with the shortest day of the year (aka; winter solstice). I'm usually one to maximize daylight hours but today I chose, instead, to sleep in and maximize sleepy time. Umm... sleepy time.

I spent all of Wednesday and the better part of yesterday morning at one of my distributors in Reno putting the final touches on a customers bike so he could load up and head to (hopefully for his sake) sunny Las Vegas. His plan is to maximize trail rides for the next four days leaving just enough time to get back for the act of tearing off multi-colored paper off of random sized boxes with loved ones (aka; Christmas). Smart guy. His next four days will be spent riding trail as he bobs and weaves his way through the desert, swooping turns and eating burritos after a long day on the trail. His weather looks like this:
Me. I'll be perfecting the act of snow redistribution as I shovel the deck, snow-blow the driveway, clean off the cars and try to keep the woodpiles from getting buried by old man winter. My forecast looks like this:
Meh. I'm not complaining. The skiing on the other side of this weather cycle will be off the hizz-O. (that's a good thing if you're keeping track)

People always ask "what's new" and instead of the normal "not much" answer you're probably used to getting, here's "what's new" around the shop at Mighty Mobile:
  • We will O-ficially be going to electronic billing and receipts for 2013. Some of you have already experienced this in the "test phase" during December and things so far have been successful. Need a receipt, no worries... it'll be in your emails "inbox" next time you're at the computer. No muss, no fuss.  
  • We're running a sale on Schwalbe Hans Damph tires through the month of January. Yup, if you're hard core enough to be riding through the winter, you'll be rewarded with saving some of your hard earned "duckets" on one of the sweetest tires on dirt. I used this tire all of last summer and it's sick. Don't believe me, read this review. MSRP $89.99. I'm selling them for $69.00 through the month of Jan. (Caveat/disclaimer/other legal mobo jumbo): price is only good for 26x2.35 TLR Trailstar compound. (it's the one you want... trust me) Offer good while supplies last.
  • Mighty Mobile welcomes Bicycle Technologies International to its lineup of vendors. I like these guys. They aren't afraid to carry the obscure, itty bitty parts that most people don't know what to do with. Let's face it folks, bombing through the woods on a sub 30lb bicycle is hard on parts. If you're bike's in need that little "doo-hickey" buried deep inside your hydraulic brake lever, I can probably get it from these guys.
 Hope this finds everyone well and ya'll have a good Christmas/New Years.   

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