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Monday, August 5, 2013

My Downieville Report....

..... will have to wait. I'm fried. Two days of standing in the sun followed by two late nights (show in Reno last night) have me feeling beat down.

As a first year "professional spectator", I was surprised just how much work it actually is! After riding up to my position on course (on cramp hill at the junction of 2nd/3rd divide) I stood on a steep hillside for an hour which really made my legs hurt. I think I'll bring a lawn chair next year.

Once I got back in town there was obligatory beer drinking in the sun for 5 hours along with high fives, catching up with old friends, checking out vendor row and live music till late night (for me).... all in a hard days work as a "professional spectator". And that was only the first day! Damn. I either need to learn how to pace myself for "professional spectating" or go back to racing.

Day two (for me) I did a 2-1/2 hour ride in the morning (N. Yuba) then went back to the "trenches" of vendor row where I caught up with some of my suppliers for critical repair info (shout out to Ed at Chris King!), acquired pictures and info for product reviews (yeah, I might start doing that again) and tried to keep an eye on incoming results. It was at this point in time that I got sucked into the comfy leather couch at WTB schmoozing for tires. My position on said couch had me in a very relaxed position where I'm pretty certain that my camera crept out of my pocket and got buried somewhere deep in the cushions of that couch. We'll see how my ABP to WTB plays out over the next few days.

Not to worry. I have the pics from Saturday transferred to my laptop so I can still proved some reporting for a "professional spectators" point of view.

Hang in there. More late.     

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