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Thursday, December 10, 2009

change of seasons

I learned last week that my readership is up to a whopping 7 people (Thanx Jeff!) and figured I'd better post at least little something to keep ya'll amused, entertained or just help to fill your day of surfing the web while at work.

For the latest riding conditions, click here. The last precip we got came in the form of snow and made its presents felt all the way into the depths of Sacramento! One "somewhat reliable source" was reporting 6-8" of the white stuff in Auburn!! Don't kill the messenger, but it just might be time to pack the bikes away..... at least for a little while.

On the flipside, the skiing is ON! Scary coverage, but plenty available to the cautious skier. Seriously, be careful out there boys and girls. I've been out sliding around the past three days and can tell you that if you're one of those "I don't wanna scratch my skis" kind of people, you're a storm or two away from getting after it. On the other hand, if you're not afraid to grab a P-tex candle and do a little base repair (or you work in a ski shop) there are goods to be had. Squaw has a superfragilisticexpialidociously small amount of terrain open for the time being, but with the current weather that's being forecast (snow Thurs night thru Sat) things will be opening up at the speed of an apre' ride 6 pack. Backcountry conditions on Mt Rose were thin, but there are turns to be had as of Wed the 9th. Again, be careful out there. I think most of us encountered at least a couple of rocks each.


Tomi said...

booyahhhh! it's on.

Buck said...

Don't count me as a reader, I only look at pictures.